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Tuesday, February 23, 2010


Well lets see what's on my desk My new Book on Turner/Whistler/Monet but I bought it for Turner he's my fave painter love how all his work looks the colors depth etc... Whistler and Monet are OK but I skip those parts. My new touch markers I LOVE Them only have 8 but all are mostly for shades of skin Pencil crayons are great but these just have a more realistic feeling to them more even tones I guess and they match my black little pencil holders **BONUS** I also bought a black Pleather top for my table ... could no longer look at my coffee stains and take a picture of my desk lol . So now my table has gone Goth it seems all that black on it
Some paper flowers trying to use them somewhere (your not the only one Julia), Plus trying to create a scened image for a card hoping to finish it in time but who knows if I will for what I picture it to end up in my head

There's even a little sneak peak of one of my newest digi's I've been working on
have to test them out first lol

What's it called when your Obsessed with owning tons of scissors ??
I actually was switching between all of those on my desk including the exacto blades

Here's my Painting hung up on the wall with 2 coats of gloss on it
too shiny I can actually see myself in it so have to go buy some matte and it will
look like the 2ND one at least then you can look into and start seeing things it could be
seems lost with all that gloss

Hugs Nikki
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  1. Oh Nikki, the flowers thing makes me happy. It may well make you happy to know that there are lots of us out there with the scissor 'thing' too! Love your new goth look - never thought to cover up all the crap and stains on my bench!

  2. I do love that painting Nikki, it's fantastic. I was wondering if Turner was your inspiration when you showed it to us two weeks ago. It's brilliant.


  3. oh!! How did I miss this one??? Love what you're doing, the painting looks great. My bench is only MDF..I was going to paint it, but...welll...too much to do! I was thinking using blackboard paint! Then I could chalk on it!
    maybe not!


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