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Wednesday, June 23, 2010


Well on Monday the postman brought me a prezzie all the way from the UK from Mr. Dunnit's Work desk :)

 My DH who also play with would love's Mr Dunnit's Set (router letters lol) Thank you Julia for this wonderful addition to my desk.  So Now I wonder paint or stain humm ... it for my desk ... Bling perhaps in black ?...humm going to ponder this .. or is it procrastinate ... it looks too good right now to play with. So what's on my desk ... two envelopes filled with Mini Candy for 2 lucky peeps gonna start that on the 28th of this month a little giveaway for my BD ( I am 21 again)  How did I get to the candy well It started with me organizing my flowers and I couldn't close the little box that is only for flowers so alas I have to share with others and of course the box is organized now with all the flowers in there neatly. This Candy it's my first mailable giveaway ...weee!!! so drop in and try your luck & I also have a digi giveaway going on too in my wittle store (click here to Enter you have till the 30th of this month I'd love for you to enter ) 
On my Desk is some new digi's I've been working on and you all get a first peek a boo at em, water color pencils to color them in I plan on finishing a couple others then posting them on the web site for everyone to see

Also Get your  HERE  I created a page up & you can  request more  too with Mr Froggie Link I will put anything that describes you for your blog, also if you have time to add in what you are that would be fantastic you don't have to take the button but those of us who are curious wanna know
Lets' see what funky Names can I make up now ??
WOYWW NITE OWL For those of us waiting for the wee hours of the morning to add in our links ... lol you know whoo you are  (YEP)
WOYWW  STALKER  for those days you just don't comment but view secretly .. ADMIT IT you've all done it at least once (YEP)
WOYWW NEEDS REHAB - For when you don't sleep so you'll get your post in early (Done)... tidies up before you take the picture (done again without realizing I'm doing it then after saying CRAP!!) ... or dump all your stash on your desk ( Done that one lol )
WOYWW RAMBLING PRINCESS - I'm doing this right NOW!! lol
WOYWW ...Your turn I'm writing to much and there are over 100 Blogs to visit YIKES!!!

Hugs  Nikki
Thanks for popping in and any comments you so kindly leave


  1. Nikki,
    I have the lovely Easel from Julia last week but was asked not to show as others wouldnt have received it.but mine on show too.Love your images!
    OMG i love what WOYWW are you im them all!!!!lol first to admit it!Have a wonderful wednesday
    hugs judex

  2. Great card and I am going to try and choose one of your fab blinkies for my blog - they're brilliant! Thanks so much.

  3. I had a lovely easel too. Feel very spoiled cos it's really lovely. I'm a WOYWW early bird :-)
    A x

  4. Lovely card and a great way to display it now :-)
    Anne xx

  5. I'm using your Neat Freak button - I have to tidy up after every card, I think my mojo needs room to breathe!

    Nicki, xx

  6. You are SO thoughtful to keep those blog buttons coming. I may have to check them out and change mine.

    I see you also got an easel. Aren't they adorable? You actually DESERVED yours (grin).

  7. Lovely card and easel. Hugs Pam x

  8. Fab images, and I think I'm all of your descriptions for WOYWW er's. LOL.

  9. The card looks perfect on that little easel!

  10. I'm a WOYWW blabber - I never visit without comenting!! Looks like you got an Ash easel (CNC Router or making 103 of them wouldn't have been an option!)....believe me, you'll decide on stain or whatever as soon as the handling of it starts leaving marks and you don't wanna sand it!!

  11. Lovely easel. I'm definitely a WOYWW Rambling Princess or at least I am in my blog posts, Lol!

    Lesley Xx

  12. I was going to leave my WOYWW easel as it was, as I can never make up my mind what to do anyway! I had one of your banners on last weeks post and directed someone to you who loved it! As soon as my side bar lets me put more things on it, I'll have one on there too. Great things going on on your desk, and yes the darker piggy is far better, now I have a problem, do I send all my customers new 'darker' images!?? so many things to decided!! Have a great week!!

  13. That is fabulous...Thanks for visiting us at the DRS Designs blog :)

  14. Love the easel and thats a lovely tidy desk there!

  15. Great desk as always Nikki and Happy BDay for Monday! More WOYWW buttons eh? (Dang I'm sounding Canadian!)... two for me would be "Queen of Clean" or Coupon Queen! Have a wonderful weekend.


  16. Oh I adore that card you've made hun, though its making me hungry :)
    *hugs* Heather x


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