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Tuesday, March 4, 2014

WOYWW + Candy to still win

To Enter my Little Candy Giveaways just leave a comment this week or here (details on 1st post) or here or for extra enteries . I will mail any where in the world. It's a small amount so the postage doesn't kill me Winners picked this Friday and I'll add them to my WOYWW post too next week 
You can also get it sent to someone else if you choose to this is pre-loved and they are a thank you for popping in and saying hi and leaving all those sweet comments. I know everyone prefers Happy Mail.
Candy is in this picture there are 2 giveaways

Now onto this week's desk picture below 
Yes my Space is this tidy I actually pulled all this out to show you my limited stash 
About my desk and last week's post
Re-using my old drying out brush markers with my re-inkers
I put some washi tape around them so I will know which one is dead and don't grab it when colouring.
I don't own much in the re-inkers at all but I've only 3 dead brush markers at the moment so they will have to do. Have to also say these markers didn't last as long as some of mine that I own but I find brush markers seem to go quicker on me perhaps I use them on more then I think.
I add a drop of re-inker onto something none porous and dip the tip into the colour I've picked out try to keep your tones of colours close or you will end up with new ones :)
Then just colour in 
these are the different types of inks I've used and they all worked no problem but you'll have to figure out how intense you want the colour but I liked the effect that they produce
Up in the top left are 2 new digis that will be in my shop Limited Runs on Friday with a few other ones
and there is a chance to win 5 free digis to every month too

Thanks for popping in and I'll pop in and check out your space too 
You can find everyone's links at Julia's blog
hugs Nikki


  1. Thanks for stopping by already. I'm surprised I was able to get to your blog through G+, but you have yours set up the right way.

    I'm so glad you explained those markers again. I really must try this technique, but I don't have any markers that look like yours. Mine are tiny points, so I'm not sure they'll work. But dead is dead, and any revival will help.

    BTW, after you explained it to me last week, I thought an old CD would work great, too. Like you, no number yet.

  2. Hi Nikki, thanks for the visit already. Your markers look fine so obviously re-inking them in your way doesn't harm them and extends their life... I don't have any, I always pause when I see the price for them each!! Annette #3

  3. Nikki I like to try new markers and inks too. I have found my favs now but I am always on the look out for new things :-). Love your stamped cards with the girls. They are coloured beautifully! Happy WOYWW.
    Janene #9

  4. See your reinkers reminds me I need to get some. Don't you just love tim Holtz distress inks? April #20

  5. I really like the cards.. Thanks for the tip, very clever way to re-purpose.. Enjoy your week and happy crafting.
    DeDe #17

  6. Interesting concept. I don't own brush markers so cant do this, but I do use the re-inkers to colour with. #35

  7. GReat trick with the markers and your re-inkers! Thanks for the visit already. Helen 5

  8. Nothing worse than grabbing a dead marker when colouring! Why didn't I think of tape to distinguish them - thanks, Nikki :)
    Happy WOYWW!
    no. 33

  9. Nikki, thanks for a great tip on re inking markers, I use mine a lot but have some Marvy le plume for about 15 years and still going! But a few are on last legs so now I know what to do. Happy WOYWW kim 47#

  10. Hi Nikki, love your colouring in and that's a super idea to reuse your dead markers. Might have to check mine out, haven't used them in a while. Anyway have a super week Cheers RobynO#30

  11. What a great idea to reuse the dead markers! Beats the heck out of having to buy new ones! I read somewhere that even if they are considered not refillable some of the dye ink ones can be refilled. We will see when mine run dry! Have a great week. Vickie #52

  12. Clever use of your stash to make your products last even longer.
    Sandra @61

  13. Those two images are just so cute - well done you. Beautiful colouring, Nikki. I'd never have thought of using old, dead, pens like you have...
    Thanks for visiting already - "random" yarn is rather fun, isn't it - suddenly a plain cardigan is full of effects - erm, EASILY!!!
    Have a great week.
    Margaret #13

  14. Thanks for popping in to say hi and leave a comment. Great desk and interesting on how you are keeping those pens alive. Did you know the life of your marker depletes when you stand them on their ends? you must lie your markers down on a flat surface, maybe this will help somehow. Tell me to go away if you want LOL

    Hugs Eliza & Yoda 14
    Happy WOYWW

  15. Hi Nikki,

    I have my SU markers from 15 (or longer) years ago. Although I must admit, I don't use them very much. I've been happy with how they have held up. What a very clever gal, wrapping the dry ones with washi tape! Not a badge of shame, but rather a cute little reminder.

    I am not participating this week - nothing new to show and I was lazy last night.....

    Happy WOYWW

  16. I also wanted to mention -- great coloring job on your new digi stamps!!!


  17. That is a good way to handle markers. Like you I have only a few re-inkers, bought a while back when I had never heard of Tim or Ranger.
    thanks for visiting
    Monica #16

  18. Great idea to use your dried out markers with re-inkers.
    Happy Wednesday,
    Karin x

  19. lovely new digis... thanks for sharing the idea..
    Moxie Craftie

  20. Awesome idea for the dried out markers! Brilliant I should say!
    I swore I signed up for your giveaway last week? ugh. So many desks.....so little time!
    Thanks for the chance!!

  21. Thanks for explaining about how you're using dry markers. I don't use these types of markers but will keep this in mind. Thanks for the chance in the candy draw. Thanks for the earlier visit! Hugs and Happy WOYWW! Nan G #101

  22. Markers are a mystery, you never know they're about to run out until they do! But I agree with refilling them and not just tossing them out wherever possible. I think it's easy to still do Christmas with this weather we're STILL having!


  23. I don't have ANY re-inkers but glad to see you have found a good way to use them. Yes magazines are cool aren't they. Thanks for the visit BJ#67


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