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Tuesday, May 26, 2015


 It's been 6 years of posting our spaces some of us have been here since the 1st year. I joined in roughly a few months after Julia started it and have been hooked since
so here is my space this week and along with all the ATC's I've made to trade and of course the WOYWW 6 buttons for the anniversary your free to use any of my buttons for your blogs and show them off.
1st My Desk this week
Just putting together all my ATC in one place I love to be able to flip through them and this way I won't misplace some :)
 So far this is all that has finally made it's way to me
 Canada Post can make MOLASSES LOOK FAST I SWEAR!!!
seeing this is when I started trading them I don't own many but these are all amazing

The WOYWW 6 Buttons can be picked up at Julia's or at the top of my blog.
There are 6 different types!!

 I wrapped all of my ATC up so everyone gets a surprise and makes it a little fun. That way I didn't know who would get what hope those who get the darker images like em so I also will be out looking for them.
Well I made 27 ATC's in all WOW didn't think I'd make so many but I love to colour and this is a great way to try lots of different colour variations

Here's who I've swapped with (in Bold is who's arrived so far)
I've sent out 12 of these to Julia for the WOYWW crop and I know they are all having a blast there
Then I mailed some all over the place
Australia - Bridget,Sandra De 
USA Robyn 
UK - WOYWW Crop Gals (sent 12 to whom I'm swapping with is a mystery)
 Annie(Wipso)&Jo(Twiglet) ,Angela, Annie ,Mary Anne ,Jill
Swap Buddy is ?? 
All the ATC I've made
LOT 1 
Who doesn't love a zombie lol
 LOT 2 Made an Extra 9 of them (one not finished at time of Photo)
Started playing with funky Hair Combos
So much fun colouring them all in differently
My fave are the purple and blue hair girls
Close Ups of Most of them HERE!!!

So I plan on popping in to as many desks as I can 
even if it takes all week 
hugs Nikki

and thanks Julia for starting all of this Fun UP !!!

I'm Not sure If I will have any to spare yet from my leftovers but
if I do I will go down the list 1st come :)


  1. Ah, Nikki. Your ATCs are awesome. You should be getting one of mine, since I asked Julia to include one for everyone at the swap AND whoever sent some. I made 32, so I know there were plenty.

    Sorry I don't have a number yet. Guess I should get my previous ATCs out. I started trading when we did it in year two. The first year, everyone did their own thing, so to speak. In fact, that's when WOYWWendy was born. So, she's six today.

    Happy, happy 6th Anniversary

  2. HI Nikki, thanks for the great buttons. I picked my favorite and put it up on my post. Like the last one I put, it'll be there for some time! Yes let's trade! Please send me your snail mail address patsy.paterno@gmail.com. Have fun visiting! patsy

  3. I love your 6 buttons, you are so good to design these for us each year, I see several deskers have grabbed one already!! there should be an atc on it's way to you from me this year too, as Julia was collecting them for us. Have a great day. Helen 9

  4. Thanks for the WOYWW 6 buttons..clever gal, designing those :-). Love your ATCs, especially the ZOMBIE!
    Hugs, LLJ 16 xxx

  5. First of all 'Thank you for the buttons', a real treat - now I need to choose one.
    Secondly I love your atc's, what a gorgeous selection of hair colours and then there are the zombie girls too. You have been a busy bee.
    Happy WOYWW Anniversary - Hugs, Neet 29 x

  6. WOW Nikki your ATC's are awesome!!! I love your coloring and the variations you tried out on each one. Congrats on six years for the WOYWW!!!

  7. Hi Nikki happy 6th WOYWW and thanks so much for the blog buttons you are very clever. Your ATCs are amazing, wow, super idea to wrap and have a surprise opening. Enjoy your week Cheers RobynO#18

  8. I had a moment when I got your letter - since we swapped at the crop I was worried either I made a mistake or you did. But when I opened it and saw the zombie version I was too happy to worry about it any more! LOVE the Walking WOYWW Dead lol! The normal version is beautifully coloured as well, but I was dancing like The Big Liebowski at the 2nd one for sure.

    Hope your crop swap one gets to you and neither falls apart nor refuses to be coaxed into popping up!

    Happy 6th-anniversary WOYWW!
    Mary Anne (3, after the duplicates gets removed)

  9. Happy Anniversdary from a newbie x I am amazed at the amount you have made! They are gorgeous.
    Soojay 37#

  10. Hullo Nikki had to pop over and say thanks so very much for my WOYWW6 button again.. what a number eh???
    so may WOYWW 312, almost hard to imagine.. well doe non making as many atcs as you've done .. I must go and make my fist one now so it can go in post.. we are into evening here already so wouldn't have got today's mail anyhoo!!
    hugs and happy 312, Shaz in oz.x

    {Shaz in Oz – Calligraphy Cards}

  11. Awesome little packets of surprises Nikki, we really enjoyed the unwrapping. My little packet was a zombie, but really, she's very cute! THANK YOU for the buttons...all of them, all the time..you're a busy woman and we all appreciate your generosity. I'm a bit peeved that your envelope from the Crop hasn't arrived yet....patience as you know, is a difficult thing for me!

  12. Hi Nikki, pleased you liked the ATC. Got yours too and love it. I have been swapping ATCs for a long time now, or it seems a long time. From about 2008 I think, will have to get my folders out and check. Thank you so much for the buttons still cannot decide which I like best.
    Thanks for the visit too and have a great woyww, Angela x 37

  13. Hi Nikki, thanks for the anniversary badges! Gorgeous, as always. Love your ATC's- if you like the blue & purple hair ones you coloured, you'd love my real blue & purple & red hair, lol. Happy 6th Anniversary, Have a great week, Hugs, Shaz #17 xx

  14. Wow! Your ATCs are fab! And thank you for that button too. Although I have just twigged that I could have put it on my post.... Too late now.
    I’m still travelling but managed to have internet today so I’m visiting as many of you as I can. Happy anniversary all! Six years is quite a long time.
    Have a good week and CU Wednesday

  15. Fun, fun, FUN ATCs you made, I love the zombies! Happy woyww and 6th anniversary, love from Holland. Marit, #43 & 44 (forgot the asterisk the first time around, oops...)

  16. Your ATC is "in the mail" I love mine and all the goodies! each time I see your desk I want to tidy!
    Thanks for all the inspiration and visits.
    robyn 11

  17. What I can see of your ATCs are great. Although I was at the crop, I do not seem to have gathered one of your creations. You are the next on the list after me so I need your address to post off your ATC from me, unless you have already had one via Julia. Happy 6th birthday. xx Maggie#8

  18. Happy 6th Anniversary WOYWW-er!
    heres to many more
    Charlie x #35

  19. Your WOYWW 6 buttons are awesome, Nikki, and I was delighted to use one for my celebratory post this week :) Your ATCs are fabulous - particularly like zombies ... if zombies can be described as such, they are cute! Happy WOYWW 6! Have a great week. Elizabeth x #54

  20. Fantastic ATCs! Happy 6th and much fun to visit

  21. HI Nikki, love your Two Faced Girls! Thanks so much for the lovely one you sent to me - it arrived a few days ago. I only just got mine ready in time for the swap, but it's all ready for the post box now! Happy 6th Anniversary :o) Annie C #48

  22. You have been sooo busy there Nikki. Somehow Annie and I have ended up with two each of your little ATCs but we love them so they will be careful stored and displayed with all the rest. Happy 6th WOYWWaversary!

  23. Love your ATCs Nikki. :) I want to thank you for creating the badges for this anniversary fun. That's such an awesome thing to do! I hope you've enjoyed the day. Nann4 #58

  24. Oh my gosh! Your ATCs are so cool! I just love them all and you are right, who doesn't love a zombie?! Thanks for making the blog badges. I have that very green one displayed with pride. I love your desk with the tall back shelving, very nice for putting things on! Judy #73

  25. Your ATCs are amazing! Thank you for the "button". I was finally able to get it on my Blog after at least two people offered instructions! Happy WOYWW Anniversary! #56

  26. Hello Nikki, Thank you for the wonderful Purple Hair/Green lady ATC. She is fabulous. Thank you also for the lovely goodies .... will think of you at Xmas. My ATC was posted yesterday and should be making its way to Canada in around 7 days!. have a wonderful woyww.
    sandra de

  27. Love the altered images with the scars etc.

    Thanks for creating the 6th anniversary button too.

    kyla #26


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