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Tuesday, May 12, 2015


Happy WOYWW and it's getting close to that time where we all SWAP our ATC's all over the world.  I have made more then I ever expected to so far I'm at 27 (2 for me and 25 to Swap) with one still to colour in but it will get done and I've mailed out most of them I have made 2 lots of them seeing I love to support the post office lol. Funny I haven't sent one to Canada ever for this swap ever lol !!!
So my desk is pretty Bare with very little on it seeing I was working on another stained glass window this week took a picture of it so you could all see it. It's based on the smaller ones that I just fixed up
So here's my space all labeled up
In the Happy Mail is my 1st COPIC marker I've never owned one till now so can't wait to use that 
some adorable tags and sweet little bows and flowers. 

So left to pop in the post which I'm hoping will be done on Wed for the last 3
envelopes waiting to go out 
all to the UK too !!
Pull Back of my space everything Pushed UP high
Window Almost done have to cement it (meaning use some putty to make it air tight)
and use some Black Patina on it so it no longer looks new 
So I have 3 ATC's Left to swap let me know 
If anyone wants to let me know.

hugs Nikki 


  1. Not sure I have any spares, made enough for Crop and my official swap... maybe that will be you!! Love your desk and the stained glass window - so pretty! Helen 4

  2. Your desk looks very organised! And I love that stained glass window. I used to live in a house with gorgeous stained glass windows.
    Thanks for your kind comment re my cards.

  3. The stained glass panel is beautiful. I'm wondering if that lonely Copic will be the first of many!

    Fiona #7

  4. Better watch out Nikki - those Copics are addictive! :-)

    Happy WOYWW to you!

    Create With Joy - #12

  5. I've been gone so long, I had no idea you were working on a stained glass window. This is amazing. Love it. Happy last Wed before the crop from #9.

  6. so tidy! you will love copics they blend so well with each other i love putting the ink on sitting back and watching it mingle with each other :)

    the glass window is amazing such a skill you have

    Happy WOYWW thanks for sharing

    Charlie.x #13

  7. That is a lot of ATCs to have made already! Well done! What an organised little scraps box. I have something similar for die cuts and things...#17

  8. Love that window - what a beautiful addition to your home. Yes, get it airtight.
    Great desk Nikki, good to see it labelled like that.
    Thanks for sharing - Hugs, Neet 19 xx

  9. Beautiful space you have and so tidy.
    Puts mine to shame.
    Fabulous window there as well :) #31

  10. I did email you after last week and again this morning saying yes to the swap. Hope you got at least one of them :)

    Love that window and a lovely organized space. So unlike mine (although it's not too bad this week for a change :))

    Happy pre-crop WOYWW!
    Mary Anne (1)

  11. Annie and I have sent our parcel of ATCs to Julia for the crop. I hope we can swap that way! x Jo

  12. Love that window, it's beautiful! And like said: couldn't live without the rubbitscrubbit...I'm messy but I like my stamps clean, that's another reason to have them unmounted, I can wash them as thoroughly as I please :) happy woyww!
    Kristiina #6

  13. Beautiful stained glass Nikki, have a great week RobynO#15

  14. You've made lots of atc's Nikki well done , I can't wait till mine arrives. Happy woyww Jill #14

  15. Hi Nikki, getting very excited now with all the lovely swaps.
    Thanks for the visit to mine, pleased it made you chuckle. Happy crafty woyww, Angela x 34

  16. How exciting it all is!! Your ATCs look lovely, as do all the fab bits and pieces on your desk. I wonder who our Official Swappers will be??
    Hugs, LLJ 18 xxx

  17. Always love your desk - I think I always have a scrap box on my desk too! Sandy Leigh #52

  18. Your desk looks very productive this week with the ATC's going out :) I love the stained glass as well. Thanks for sharing :) Shel @ PaperOcotilloStudio

  19. Hi Nikki,

    LOVE your stained glass! Your desk looks great - love the full view. Did you make the lamp that is on it?

    Not participating in the swap this year (first time in three years).


  20. Congrats on the first Copic ever. Soon you'll have a bunch, just you wait. Love the stained glass panel. I always thought that would be fun to work with but yeah, one hobby is enough for me. I loved seeing the 'piled high' photo, don't we all do that? Judy #59

  21. Love your stained glass! Your desk looks so organised - never tried copics so will be interested to see what you think! Chrisx 55

  22. Loved seeing your workspace. TFS x

  23. Well I've got a bunch of ATCs ready to send to you already, so you're going to be inundated! I think you are the only Canadian WOYWWer since Annette moved home to Scotland!
    The window is amaze balls, you must be really pleased.

  24. The window is AMAZING! That's a lot of ATCS. Happy WOYWW! #58

  25. Hey Nikki, thanks for swinging by earlier the card actually went in the post!! I love the window! I have made x8 ATC's..that was all I had time for this year. Cx #3

  26. Wow, your stained glass is amazing. I am very envious of your skill.
    That poor copic must be very lonely. It must surely need a friend, lol.
    hugs Lisax #25

  27. What a fantastic window and good for you creating all those ATC's, it's such fun participating in the swap.

    Hugs Eliza & Yoda #67
    Very late to the party
    Happy WOYWW


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