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Tuesday, May 17, 2016

When a Watercolour isn't a Watercolour

Well last week I bought some Loew Cornell Watercolours They looked great with all their colours except these aren't really watercolour paints at all more like chalk paints now if you think of them as a chalk paint they ROCK ... Watercolour ... NOPE!!! Watercolours go on transparent so you can build up with one colour creating shading if you choose to. These they rub off so you will have to seal them in which isn't so bad plus you can blend them with a blending stump  Here are all the colours minus White
 Now here is a tulip I painted with them I did actually use a blending stump on this as the paint will build up leaving some very big high spots the tulip didn't turn out to bad at all just not what I was hoping for that's all I'll use these paints up for sure. But will be thinking chalk paint all the time :)
They where only $10.00 Cad so not like they kill the pocket book :)

Hope this helps you when your looking around for watercolours 
great for kids and students for sure and those who just want to play around with them 

Long time Later I rarely used these paints Maybe once or twice afterwards so I did give them to my neighbours kids with this time of year and with people stuck at home someone might as well use them cause I am no. I will try to share some more reviews as I am seriously doing lots of watercolours these days and happy to share my findings 

Update May 2021 
After Owning these for a long time I realized I just was not going to use them so I gave them to my neighbours kids for those who want to play with pastel style products give it a shot they will not break your bank at all. I have seen them use them TONS !!!

Have any questions ask away !!
hugs Nikki 


  1. Hi Nikki. I've never used chalk paint; it seems very popular. The tulip looks great.
    I bought a small set of watercolors but haven't played around with them.

  2. I've just bought the same exact watercolours! Literally last night! I haven't got them yet - they were recommended for a LifeBook lesson. I like the fact that they are chalky - will have to try to make up my mind about them. Your tulip looks wonderful! :)


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