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Tuesday, May 24, 2016

WOYWW Anniversary ATC SWAP !!!

Happy Anniversary Everyone its time again to swap some ATC's and some fun new blog badges for everyone to enjoy along with a new fun one too Lots of pictures but I'll try to keep it short :P

ATC Trade List
  1. Julia - Posted with LLJ's
  2. Wipso - Posted  
  3. Twiglet - Posted with Wipso's
  4. Judy McCarthy - received 
  5. Anne L - received 
  6. Sandra De - received 
  7. Annie Claxton - Posted
  8. Lisa DV -Posted
  9. MY name is Cindy -Posted
  10.  Pasty  - Posted
  11. LLJ Jan -  Posted
  12. Kelly -need snail mail
  13. Shaz Brooks -Posted
  14. Scrapbook Lynne Mizera-Posted
  15. Sue jones - need snail mail
  16. Briget Larsen -Posted
  17. Angela Radford - Posted
  18. Inky Dinky Doodle aka Zsuzsa Karoly-Smith Posted
  19. Elizabeth - Posted 
SET 1 - None are the same close but all different
SET 2 - Tried a different colours and stamps and used lots of different embossing powders

Each of these atcs have a watercolour background with H20 Twinkling Paints then stamped and embossed each stamp after stamping it with various embossing powders fussy cut out all the little birds from Limited Runs that where coloured all different  and then put all together . Took longer then I thought but love how they all turned out. This year they have WOYWW  hand written on the front too !!!

Now here is my desk this week  Okay I did a minor stage I just moved all the other stuff around it and with the remaining ATC cards with their little envelopes for them made a 7 lol
To the left is an Pocket letter I'm working on don't know for who but I like to take my time on them
and to the right I'm colouring up a bunch of digi
Up top to the right my doodles and list of swap buddies 
The whole space I work in just the right size for me :)
Sorry didn't label it this time but it really didn't change much lol

Hugs Nikki 
Next week I'll have some for Candy and the winner will be picked June 28th (my birthday)
just have to get it all together 


  1. Yey Nikki! Yes lets's swap! Wow, you are super organized!!! I wanted to make a LOT of ATCs, but I only made the few on my blog. Maybe I can rush some more tonight ha ha!! Happy Anniversary! patsy

  2. I have got mine (ATC), and it's cute.Thank You Nikki.
    I will make one for you Nikki.They just seem so darned small!!
    Nikki, your space is a miracle of organisation! Well done.I am IMPROVING!! I have (HAD) wide interests, so wide stuff needed. Now I have narrowed my interests, and the gear I need has and is shrinking.I only have a small amount of Paper Crafting gear, and seem to produce lots with just a small amount.
    Judy x

  3. Hello Nikki. Thanks for my ATC I received it last week and I finally got mine done so just have to send you one I made, I do so love your space.....loving your new handmade pencil crayon storage. Wow you have made so many ATC and they are so beautiful. Have a great week. Hugs~Anne L

  4. I'm new to the whole ATC so I am sitting out this time. But they are all so cute to see. Great job!!
    Diane #2

  5. I love your ATCs, but I let the occasion sneak up on me. And now I can't even link up, so I see only four people made it before the link apparently went down.

    Your ATCs are wonderful, and as always, your wonderful badges are incredible. Happy 7th Anniversary.

  6. After leaving you a comment, I was able to return to Jan's and link up. Guess I'm number 5 this week.

  7. Hi Nikki,
    .. thanks for the usual badge .. quite special each year..
    and have added mine into post :D

    WOW what great ATCs also.. me am still making one!
    Thanks so much for sharing your talents with us!!
    Happy WOYWW 7! Shaz in Oz.x #8

    {Shaz in Oz – Calligraphy Cards}

  8. your desk looks fab, very clever.. love your atcs, am afraid I don't have any spares this year.. can't link for some reason though.. thanks for already stopping by! Helen #?!

  9. Love your atcs and thanks for making the anniversary badges
    Bridget #11

  10. What a drama! Thank you helping the people who had problems linking up this morning. I'll edit my post to add your handy hint 😃😃😃
    Looking at the list, your nominated swapper is Anne at no 3! But I would love to swap too, email me your addy.
    Hugs, LLJ xxx

  11. Oh you are clever, well done. They are all fun
    Lynn 15 x

  12. FAB ATC's, desk and 7th anniversary WOYWW badges

    Happy WOYWW


  13. Hi Nikki, Lovely ATCs.

    Thanks for the badges. I just emailed you, as I was having toruble getting one to load on my blog, but it has done it now.

    Happy WOYWW
    Sue #24

  14. Hi Nikki, happy WOYWW anniversary!! Thanks so much for my beautiful ATC which arrived yesterday - all the way from Canada to the UK so quickly :o) I've included a pic in my post this morning. Yours will be going in the post this afternoon so I hope you will get it just as quickly. Have a lovely day. Annie C #27

  15. Oh such gorgeous ATCs Nikki! Happy 7th WOYWW anniversary - here's to many more! x Jo

  16. Forgot to say - thanks for the pin - I chose the WOYWW junkie of course!! x

  17. Hi Nikki, gorgeous pins, love them. If you would like to swap with me I would love that, think we did last year but I wasn't sure I would get enough done this time as life has been getting in the way a bit but if you still have spares I would love to send you one just let me know. Much love and woyww hugs, Angela x 30

  18. Oh thank you for the anniversary badge. I hadn't realised you are the creator of those lovely things. I've just put mine up. Thanks again.
    It's my first ATC swap and I have already learnt to make more than needed. Mine are all spoken for, but next year I will make more.
    Happy 7th anniversary,

  19. Fun ATCs Nikki. Thanks for sharing your lovely colourful work. Happy WOYWW7! Max #36

  20. Congrats on No. 1.... lovely atc's looking forward to the little birdie landing in my mail box. Yours was posted yesterday. Happy woyww :)
    sandra de @37

  21. Those are gorgeous! Your desk looks ultra busy and organised!

    Have a great week
    Sharon K #45

  22. Super ATC's. Fabulous desk. Very happy WOYWW 7! Take care Zo xx 41

  23. HI Nikki!
    Thanks for doing the buttons. You always do such a fabulous job and I look forward to putting one on my sidebar every year. My ATCs are almost done. I'm going to stamp the final image this morning so it can be drying while I do some serious cleaning. If you have a spot left, I'd love to trade with you or at least send one your way for doing the button. Creative Blessings! Kelly #50

  24. A well organized personal space and so much loveliness. I will work on a button later today. Every time I have to look u[how to do it as I am not a techie. It is another overcast day in Texas.

  25. Yay!! Cool buttons, thanks so much. My blog has started writing backwards again oh now it's stopped.s os s .hcum os s - this was what I got when I wrote thanks so much? I have no idea. I'm beginning to think it is me. Anyhoo, lovely to see you on this special day. Happy anniversary, Cindy #48xx

  26. thanks for all the sharing, the buttons, the ATC swaps and for digital friendship!
    Robyn 52

  27. Loving those ATCs..wish I'd had the confidence to join in now!

  28. Hi Nikki, Thanks so much for the blog badges! They're so cool. I too don't mind my stamps being retired, I have loads that are. The yellowing from being in the sun can cause the polymer to degrade quite a lot, and the stamps become sticky, or brittle over time, so they don't last as long. Still, never mind, they were really cheap. I'd love to ATC swap with you, if you still have any left, I'm round late as our Internet was down all morning for work being done on it! Have a great week, and Happy 7th Birthday, Hugs, Shaz #7 xxx

  29. Good Morning from the OTHER side of the world Nikki! Now matter how early I get up I am ALWAYS one of the last links. This morning I was up at 6:00am and I am still #58 GRIN. Of course I would love to swap, if you have any left, but I am sure your available spots have all been claimed... no worries, there is always next year...SMILE. Please do pop in for a visit and to admire those lovely badges you created in my blog sidebar! Scrapbook Lynne Mizera #58 email: scrapbooklynne(at)hotmail(dot)come

  30. Your badges are all fabulous - difficult to choose!! Love what's on your desk! Chris 57

  31. Wow you have been busy ! I love your ATC's and would be willing to swap one with you . Happy Birthday for nx week xx Soojay 53

  32. Very cute ATC's Nikki and I love the way you organized your swaps! I only have a handful but it's already getting confusing! I'm not big on organization! I'd better get my act together! My blog is already sporting your new WOYWW logo - I like the junkie one best! Happy anniversary! zsuzsa #44 (the triple linker this week, boo!)

  33. Great ATCs! I am sorry to not be participating in the ATC swap this time, but didn't get any made. I would like to know how to label in my photos. What program do you use to do that? Happy Anniversary! #59

  34. Hey Nikki, Happy WOYWW-a-versary. I would have loved to have swapped with you. Your space is so tidy. I like the look of your latest pocket letter. It was fun to swap with you. Happy Birthday for next week. CX #55

  35. What great ATC's. I really like the bird. Thank you for the badges. They are great.
    April #40

  36. your ATC's turned out so fun :) and your space looks so tidy. ( it tends to irritate me when I let mine pile up) ~Stacy #59

  37. Love your ATC, and your copic investment! Donna #13

  38. HI Nikki and a happy anniverssary WOYWW. You have been busy your ATC'S are fab I lovethat bird i thnk the blue ones are my favourite.I would definately need to start now for next year to get so many completed. thanks for visiting and your comment and yes it would have been 7 had I turned the paper around :-)...smart thinking.love your crafty space I bet you know where everything is..It looks super organised.thanks for sharing with us today crafty hugs andrea #6 x

  39. You are Super organised! yhank you again for the badges, they've gone down a storm! yojr ATCs are fabulous crikey, there's a lot of of work in them!

  40. Thanks for the 7th Anniversary button and great ATCs, wish I'd made more to SWAP now. Happy WOYWW 7th anniversary BJ#20

  41. Just wanted to stop by and say Happy Anniversary! Love all the ATC's. I started early (for me) and still made only half what I wanted! I think I should start now for next year!
    Have a great crafty week!
    -K #60

  42. Awesome ATCs. Happy belated WOYWW Anniversary! Hope you have a great and crafty week. LisaDV #44

  43. Hi Nikki, I'm sorry I haven’t managed to comment earlier, once again life got in the way! However, I have promised myself to get round all the desks this week to celebrate our 7 years of WOYWW friendship - so here I am. I must say your ATCs are all gorgeous, as are the blog badges and I just had to use one myself. It would seem that I am still the last one on the list with an asterisk and you are the first so I'm to send you an ATC. Please email me at ellie.worthington@sky.com with your snail mail details and I'll get it posted out to you. Have a great weekend, Elizabeth x #66

  44. Hi Nikki
    Happy 7th Woyww Anniversary! Great ATCs! Thanks for the blog badges! I think it's time I put a new one on my blog. You are so clever :)
    RosA # 29


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