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Tuesday, May 27, 2014

WOYWW 5th Anniversary

WOYWW 5th Anniversary Link Up !!!
Happy 5 Years everyone !!!!
I have some fun buttons for you all to take and show off on your blogs and one even with a little moustache for the boys or if you love that darker colours. So I've been showing off my space now for almost the 5 years I started a couple months after Julia started it and have been hooked every once in a while I take a break like everyone does but it's so much fun to peak into every one's spaces and see all that fun stash and what everyone is creating ... its so addictive
I still haven't done anything to my desk yet seeing I've been busy gardening etc but I plan on working on later this week , I hope.
So here is my space showing off some of the ATCs I've received in the mail so far
Belinda (Bella) - Left , Andrea  Right ,
They both sent some wonderful treats lots of die cuts to play with thank you !!!
KezzyRobyn are still on there way :)
The Red envelopes have one to mail to Kezzy and whoever is below me in the link up.
So way over to the left is some lush new stamps from Kraftin Kimmie still waiting to be cut up seeing they came in the mail yesterday and I was to burnt out from work to play with them.
I also have a little mini RAK for anyone who leaves a comment on this post winner posted next Wed :) 
Happy 5 Years everyone and I'll pop into as many desks as I can 
Hugs Nikki 


  1. Oh Nikki, these are fun, fun, fun. I'll be back to snag one of these once I've linked to Julia. Looks like you made out like a bandit on the ATC front.

    Happy, happy 5th WOYWW anniversary.

  2. oooh fun Nikki have just added one to my post and linked over here .. thanks so much fun isn't it? happy WOYWW5! Shaz in oz.x no number yet!

  3. Hi Nikki, how exciting it is, I have just sent you an email. I will be finishing my ATCs today to be sent out this morning. Because I managed to finish my accounts last night I get today to craft craft craft lol. I really love the ATCs you have received and not sure what a RAK is, maybe it's too early in the morning for my brain to process lol. Happy 5th Woyww, hugs Kezzy:-) xxx p.s so loving the woyww buttons xxx

  4. Thanks for the buttons. I have used the pink one on my blog. Such fun to be snooping desks today and it would seem out entreppid organiser is on a go slow this morning! How funny! Happy WOYWW5!

  5. Hi Nikki. I'm thrilled to say you're my pass it forward blogging friend this year so if you will email me your details to wipso@toucansurf.com I will get one of my ATCs in the post to you.
    Happy Anniversary....here's to many more.
    Annie x

  6. Great buttons up there for us - thanks - I will take a 'tash' one I think.
    Great atc's on display there.
    Hugs and Happy 5th WOYWW - Neet 11

  7. Ohh 5 years!
    congratulations Nikki!
    I like to visit your blog.
    It is very interesting!

  8. ooooh you got some lovely goodies there, and thanks for the buttons, I've put one on my blog :o) Happy WOYWW Birthday! Annie C #56 (ish)

  9. Thanks for the buttons Nikki - they are fab and I will choose one for my blog link. Happy 5th WOYWWaversary - its so good to link up with so many great crafters and fun folk isn't it. x Jo

  10. so nice of you to design these...now I've just got to figure out how to add it to my side bar, Be well Carole #68

  11. Happy WOYWW 5th Anniversary.

    I hope you have a good WOYWW. Sue 59

  12. love the buttons. I'll be grabbing the desk hopping gone as soon as I am awake enough!
    your ATC is in the mail!
    Happy WOYWW 5th!
    Thanks for visiting and the snoop around.
    Robyn 24

  13. Hi, Nikki -- thanks for the 5th anniversary graphics! I snagged the pink one from Julia's site and put it in my post. Happy WOYWW! ~ Laura #103

  14. Hi Nikki,

    Great WOYWW buttons! Thank you for taking the time to create them for us.

    I've done a bit of gardening too, mostly herbs at this point. The rain finally stopped so I planted when I could!

    Thanks for visiting me already!!
    Happy WOYWW

  15. Great idea doing the Blog Buttons!! I'm going for the lime green/purple one :-) Have fun swapping the ATCs!!
    Hugs, LLJ 1 xx

  16. Hi Nikki, thanks for the blog buttons, they are ace. Hope the garden is coming along nicely, we just need the weather to play nice for us now! Happy 5th, Have a great week, Hugs, Shaz # 72 xx

  17. Brilliant buttons to play with, thanks for sharing them, Nikki. Have a great week to celebrate these 5 years. xx Maggie #49

  18. Thank you again for the badges, everyone loves them! Your desk looks fab - there really is nothing like overseas mail to cause a smile!

  19. I love the ATCs on display on your desk. The badges are great. Thanks for sharing and joining in the anniversary fun! Happy 5th WOYWW Anniversary. Caro x (#43)

  20. I'll be snagging one of the new buttons just as soon as I can decide which, lol!! Have a great week. Helen 7

  21. Super cool buttons! Thanks for the visit and hope you had a good anniversary. Cindy #5

  22. Super cool buttons! Thanks for the visit and hope you had a good anniversary. Cindy #5

  23. Your buttons for the WOYWW celebration are just awesome, Nikki! Thank you so much! And thanks for sharing the fantastic ATCs you have received!! Happy WOYWW 5th Anniversary! Hugs, Darnell #26

  24. What lovely buttons - who's a clever little crafter then, eh?!?!? Have a great week, Chris # 15 x

  25. Loving the blog buttons. Hope you are having a happy crafting WOYWW anniversary, Angela x #41

  26. Loving the blog buttons. Hope you are having a happy crafting WOYWW anniversary, Angela x #41

  27. I must be getting old and senile....thought for I'd left a comment already. Well if I have here's #2. Love the ATCs. That Africa one is neat and the other oh so pretty. Now I was going to use your ATC anniversary back but ran into problems trying to get my printer to print a reverse image. I wanted to print on clear transfer paper so as not cover the back of my ATCs. Guess my equipment is a little out dates like me. ;) ;) love the new WOYWW buttons I'll be putting one on my blog. Thanks. Hugs and Happy WOYWW5! Nan G #77 guess I'm now 73 :)

  28. Lovely ATC's on your desk Nikki, and thank you for the button, will be grabbing one as I leave!! :) Happy 5th WOYWW Anniversary to you, hugs from Annette #3

  29. Dropping by to greet you a happy 5th WOYWW anniversary! Thanks for dropping by!
    You've got some great ATCs on your desk today! Oh I hope i get picked for your RAK card!
    peggy aplSEEDS

  30. What a fantastic stamp with the elephant on it and so perfect for the swap. Your desk is so interesting this week and thanks for sharing. Also thanks for visiting already and leaving a lovely comment. I hope you have a wonderful week filled with crafty bliss.

    Happy 5th WOYWW Anniversary
    Hugs Eliza & Yoda #8

  31. Hi Nikki,
    Late in getting my return visits made due to spending the afternoon getting a new cell phone.

    thank you for the visit and for the buttons.......I took two...grin

    Love the two ATCs laying on your desk.

    Krisha #99

  32. Hi nikki belated woyww 5th anniversay wihshes.what great variety of ATCs i lovehow everyone shows tehr skill sin so many difrenbt ways..I havenyt posted my receievd ATC s yet waiting till they are all recieved an dwill post together ,have a great week and heres to the next 5 years and to friendships old and new crafty hugs andrea #91

  33. Lovely WOYWW badges you have made. I will try and snaffle one of them later :)
    Nice ATCs too and I also have a lovely one from Andrea.
    Thanks for stopping, and happy 5th WOYWW Anniversary!
    RosA # 30

  34. 5 years later and your still making fab little blinkies for the blogs, good on ya x
    Happy Belated 5th WoYwW Anniversary xo I'm still trying to catch up!
    Hugs Minxy #4

  35. Fun ATCs Nikki. Great gifts received, too. What a week.
    Thanks for the WOYWW pictures - they look fun - and when I get some spare time (he he!) I shall see if |I can add one to my blog...
    Thanks, too, for visiting and for your comments. John is now home - and yes, we are having to re-adjust to life!!!
    Take care.
    Margaret #27

  36. HI Nikki, thanks for stopping by my WOYWW desk last week, I'm still catching up...the ATCs on your desk look fab and the WOYWW badges are great, Carole Z X #44

  37. Hello!

    Finally got here - LOL!!
    Happy 5th WOYWW to ya, and thank you for all the lovely buttons you've done in the past for folks. Way talented!

  38. Not entirely sure why or how I managed to leave four copies of the same comment! ROFLMAO

  39. Thank you so much for the WOYWW5 buttons (I choose the pink one). I'm running really late this/last week. #10


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