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Sunday, June 22, 2014

Colouring a Balloon Tutorial

So here goes a Colouring Tutorial
I used 5 Markers to do this
(I don't own one brand I'm all over with them seeing I'm always looking at those on sale)
Light Yellow (Spectrum LY1)
Pale Baby Blue (Prismacolor Sky Blue Light)
Pale Aqua (Spectrum IB1)
Medium Aqua (Deserres DM-6B)
Flat Mossy Green ( Prismacolor - Jade Green)
 **Shown Below so you can use something similar **
This works well with pencil crayons too
 Clear embossing powder
1.  Use lightest blue (Sky Blue) and avoid the center of the balloon just go around the edges 
you don't have to be perfect I used a Big Blunt edge marker. It doesn't have to be perfect at all
2. Went over it with the Light Yellow just a touch with the blunt edge.
Don't go along the edges just inside seeing we want it to seem like a light reflecting.
3. Went over it with Pale Aqua but not covering over to much of the yellow.
4. Next went over it with the the the edges mostly and blended in leaving a little of the yellow showing and the light blues inside.
5. Went over it with the dark Jade Green (brush tip) and just pulled the colour from the top and the bottom and tried to remember this is a round object so follow the shape of it and stronger lines on the edges weaker to the middle.
6-7-8 went over it again from darkest to lightest colours and blended in the image a bit more
when I got to the lightest colour I went over the the middle of the balloon too leaving no more white left.
9.  Lastly I put a layer of clear embossing and that really made my colours just pop and blend together.

There is no wrong to this at all just a lot of layers of the same 5 colours I used to create the depth in the balloon.
Hope this makes sense The images below is one big image with all my little balloons posted on it so you can print it off to have on hand if you want :)
Really BIG Close Up 
If you have any Questions ask away :) 
Hugs Nikki 

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  1. Thank you for taking the time to do this for us, Nikki. I will definitely print it out and put in my tutes folder! That balloon on your June 9th post was one of the best I've ever seen!! Hugs, Darnell


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