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Tuesday, August 22, 2017


Happy WOYWW well here is my space and I'm on to my last window which I will be soldering right after this post so I can get on to the messy part tommorrow of adding in the cement which is what stops a window from rattling in it's place and to stop air flow. Not that I have to worry these will be in front of Thermal windows so they will add a small amount of added protection but they are just to look pretty :)
Everything had been brought back in and the floors are done , some things need to be put where they belong but it's mostly put back together so it will do for now.

So I will again try to get around to as many of you as I can 
thanks for Visiting :)
hugs Nikki

Monday, August 21, 2017


This is one of the ATC's I've been making lately. They are fun to make and swap with other this one I've had requests for remakes a few times now this is Blue Eye #5 my most popular design 
and it's all been Hand painted and Drawn out using Watercolours and Gel Marker for eye lashes.
I really enjoy drawing eyes and now with the watercolours it adds so much more depth

Simon Says Mon - Make an ATC

Thanks for looking
hugs Nikki 


Our Challenge at Incy WIncy is Let's see your Wild Side and we mean use something and Quirky and have fun with it.  I've used Rick St Dennis image Caroling Zombies I can picture it in my head BRAINS Brains Fa la la la Brains lol

So I had to make a second card seeing I made it up with 2 different sentiments and I do have friends that will enjoy a good zombie Christmas card

Challenges - 
Colour Inspiration Monday - AG + Handcolouring
ABC Christmas - Red  
Simon Says wed - Add a Sentiment

Thanks for looking 

hugs Nikki

Tuesday, August 15, 2017


I'm not sure today I really have a desk. More like a pile here and one over there one down the hall and few in the spare room my stuff is all over in tiny little piles and it will eventually find it's home again but the floors are down to last few rows and the room has been repainted seeing I'm a messy girl lol 
LEAD when it hits the walls leaves a mark ... Paint when flicked goes everywhere and Yep that's my story lol Artists need creative spaces where they can MUCK about !!! After 26 Years he's getting use to it most days some days I can just drive him nuts Oh and the carpet has a layer of PLASTIC under it to protect the floors ... Wonder why that is lol

My Desk - Poor Mascots just chucked about :P

 Sewing Supplies all my stamps and ATC albums (In and Going Out) 
My Fave is the antique Shot gun box for my 12 by 12 papers 
Below is my grandmas Sewing table with some thread that she use to use way back when

 Pencils and Markers Scrap Paper box
 Odds and Ends 
 Top Part of my desk 
Stained glass supplies I need to make windows Love that it fits into a small box

Guess I'll go give my stash a sort :) 
Hugs Nikki
thanks for looking I'll pop around if I can

Tuesday, August 8, 2017


Wow Where did the week Go I want to know ... Seriously it was like POOF gone !!!
So here is my space I'm on Window # 2 of 5 now YAH!!! and the wood floors are still on going down they are done in our bedroom so we just moved all our stuff back in and the hallways are done next it's the spare room then this ROOM !!! I will have to move everything out and then back in later once the floors are done (walls will have to be painted in here seeing I'm so messy lol)
This room has a lot of uses... I create my windows in here, Craft, Paint paintings, Sew. Draw Play on the computer when I can get it and do Yoga in here seeing this is the only carpeted area that doesn't slide easy on. (I use the wall a lot) too for Yoga and for Taping my art all over too so once he sees all the white not so white the painting will begin for sure :)

Hugs Nikki 
I'll try my best to visit everyone I can but lots going on lately  

Monday, August 7, 2017

Postcard Set

Every once in a while you just want to create something special with an image well this round at Incy Wincy we are creating Small and Round and we  got to play with 4 of his newest images so I thought why not create a set of postcards with them which I love to do it seems these days

Now the 1st three I'm sharing are perfect for the challenge of no words but the top postcard/holder has a simple little sentiment on it for whomever I give this set to. Here is the set all together with close ups. Who needs simple hair I really should get a few fun streaks added in my own hair (one day)

Colouring in Scrapland - AG + Handcolouring
Dare2Bartzy Pastel Colours

Thanks for looking
hugs Nikki 

Tuesday, August 1, 2017


Happy WOYWW well last week I barely got on the computer at all so much going on so visiting you all so sorry I didn't get around to you all but here is my space this week I'm working on my windows again this one is a group of five as you can see hanging on my wall what the group will look like now the windows are all done in the upstairs hallway and whoo hoo can walk around NAKED lol but they are lovely to look at now it's all done we are just putting down the floors to finish it all off been so busy this summer with house stuff to do to.
 Hallway Windows

Hugs Nikki 
I will try to sneak back on the computer sometime this week :)