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Wednesday, June 15, 2022

Meiliang Watercolour 48 Set

This is Paul Rubens Student Grade Set of 48 colours Meiliang 
36 Vivid colours and 12 Pearlescent set all in One,  This Kit includes a swatch card, Water brush Pen with a fine Tip and a plastic cover that shows where each paint is located really easy for reference.
Comes in a nice metal tin and the area that holds all the paint is plastic with a space for my brush.
The cost of this set is really Reasonable you can pick this up on Amazon 
So how did they swatch up well I took the picture while they where wet but I did like how the colours went down I now am using my swatch sheet for a light fast test so it's now in my window so I know which colours will fade in direct sunlight which, I like to do with most of my paints that don't have it showing. Pearlescent colours are usually use Mica Powders that can be very fugitive so it's good to know when to add a touch of another colour to keep it bold and true to you 1st painted it. 
Student Grade Paints are for you to have Pressure free fun and just play without the worry of using expensive paints and getting it right these are perfect for Hobbyists, beginners and those who love to just colour.
Here are a couple fun Samples I created using the Mei  Liang paints One using more Pearlescent then the other Mermaids just need to shine and I had fun creating both of these girls up

Lost of colour to play with and a huge pallet to mix new colours 
Metal Pallet with a good size mixing area 
Once you use up the paints you will get an amazing paint pallet to use (these are full 1/2 pans so it will take a while) 
Ring on the bottom for holding the pallet easy 

No Pigment info for those that like to know this 
no light fast info
Plastic pallet holds the paint so can not shift them around but it is student grade so this really doesn't bother me at all (It pops out easy FYI, okay I checked was curious lol)

I have always been impressed with this company they take great care in packaging their products to make sure it gets to you along with how well they listen to those that buy their products they really want you to use and love them so give them a try for sure 

Hugs Nikki