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Product Reviews & Tuts

Here are my reviews and tuts for you all to enjoy. Some reviews are about products I've purchased and thought I'd share what I found out about them.

Alcohol Markers
Arrtx - 35 pk Skin Tone

Chalk Markers
ChalkOla Markers

Pencil Crayons
1- Prismacolor vs Marco ( Raffine/Niutop )
2  Polycolor Hardtmuth 

Watercolour Paints
1. Loew Cornell - Simply Art 36 Colours Paints
2. Watercolour Paints - Royal & Langnick
3. Monte Marte - Two Seasons
4. Mission Gold 42 set
5. Munygo 1/2 Pans Professional paints - In the works 
6. Daniel Smith Watercolours - In the Works 
7. Windsor Newton - Coteman & Academy - In the works 
8. Prang  Watercolours 

Watercolour Pencils
1. Koh-I-Noor Hardtmuth Mondeluz

Tutorials on my blog Quick Links (HOW TO)
1. Make a Ink Holder for Next to Nothing
2. Colouring A Balloon (with Markers) (Finished Sample)

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