If you see any of my creations and would like one made or if I still have it in my stock. I'd be happy to sell it and am available for commission anytime. My Email is in the sidebar.

Monday, December 7, 2020

Prang Watercolours

 Now I was lucky enough to have just stumbled across these paints and thought to give them a quick review. First off these are Kids/Student Paints something just to play with the colours look really bright in the pallet but I did find them lacking when painted I painted out the quick Swatch test
(Used Canson XL to test them on) 

The Orange and Red I found really muted so I went over them again for a 2nd time you will need to do a bunch of layers to get an impact from some . The Black is a good matte black and the darker colours  I found do granulate just a touch which I found surprising for sure. The brush that was provided would make a great lets add some water to paper but does seem to loose it bristles quickly so I would have a better one hanging around and toss that one. So here is the quick Swatch test they are transparent which is great. 

Myself I wouldn't really use just because I've moved up to professional ones but these would be ok for kids and newbies that want to get their feet wet for sure 
Now it wouldn't be fair unless I did a little picture up with them and let you see that no matter what paints you own you can make a pretty picture with them all.

Pros - Not a break the bank buy and I would buy for a beginner 
Great for starting and just playing around 
Come in a handy little case with room for a brush 
Paint is activated quickly with little water 
The Pallet Paints can be replaced easy pop in and out Rearrange them too 
 or refill with higher quality paints Once used up 
The Colours are all easily blend easy together 

Cons - Student Paints  but decent quality 
Colours can be muted and require a few layer of paint to get bold colours for some of them 
But will be helpful to learn about layering for sure 
Did notice that that while painting this semi dry paint was easily lifted off when trying to layer, i was okay with that as it was easily reapplied and did allow a very interesting texture hidden in the picture 

Price Point $10-$15 Cad Depending on where you look 
Plus you can occasional find them cheaper if you look around 

Thanks for popping in 
Hugs Nikki

Thursday, December 3, 2020

Miejello Mission Gold Class Watercolours

After reading all the reviews and watching a ton of Youtube videos I went out and purchased 
Mijello Mission Gold Class 7ml Set Set + Pallet 

1st thing I did was Open the paints and put them in the pallet they are actually packaged the way they go into the pallet too so you can just use drop some in and go. 

These have a few Pure pigment paints which is only using 1 pigment great for mixing new colours with and get some more colours 

This is just a colour chart I found online that shows the light fastness , Transparency and how many pigments are in each colours 

Now after playing with these for a while I can say I love them the colours are bold and bright and the pallet is huge with plenty of room to play around in. Myself I prefer a small pallet as I like to bring it everywhere but when I'm at my table this is just fantastic to use 
I do have a few favourite colours for sure in this set but they change to my mood 
the Browns are a show stopper they are different from others and seem really rich in colour. This set has a lot of Blended colours in with only 11 Single Pigment colours.
They do have a lower flow rate which I like for my miniature paintings, and they aren't to crazy on the granulation you have to push the colours around which is fine when working with small spaces allows you the control over it. 
There are a couple Fugitive Colours = Colours that will fade if left in a bright light which is normal with most Watercolours. 
The Fugitive that I know so far in this set are
 Permanent Light Yellow - Always has issues light yellows 
 Bright Opera - Which honestly is fugitive in most brands 
Rose Madder 

Here is a sample painting of a few of the colours the Rich Browns and Greens in this set just Shine 
I love how the red works too 
This is one of my ACEO cards that has sold but you can find more here 
I try to update weekly 
I will try to get some more samples later on !!

hugs Nikki 

Wednesday, December 2, 2020

WOYWW # 600

HAPPY 600 # Post Julia that is amazing !! 
It's been forever since I joined in WOYWW and I have not been a great blogger either but with the way the world has been and with lock downs and such (which SUCK) But anyway I've been Just drawing and doing watercolour painting like crazy. Even Started selling my artwork on Ebay Here to help out. Which is really exciting when people do buy my art and love it mainly I've been making ACEO cards and they have been doing really well not paying the bills but helping out with keeping me in art supplies

So here is is my little space honestly not much has changed over the year just little moves here and there. The Amazon Box is holding the left over Christmas Cards I made up.  I know I have bought some but in truth I just wanted the envelopes.  My ACEO/ATC cards Behind it all set to be made 
The two Huge cups of Tea ( Dirty Chai = Black tea and Espresso So delish) and my usual Mocha Coffee beside it. Since I started doing more Watercolours you can see my Swatches to remind me of what colours I'm looking for great for references for sure

So those are my one time print of my newest ACEO cards I have been addicted to Animals with scarves and winter hats it's all about Winter at the moment and you can see all my creations here on Facebook Gallery of my creations  

Thanks for visiting 
I will try to get around to you all 
hugs Nikki 

Monday, November 16, 2020


 Welcome to another round seeing it's getting close to giving presents and needing tags this is the perfect little gift card holder mine is just for a birthday :)  We have a new sponsor joining us and I've used her Image Birthday Dog there are 2 more images in this set too. So check out Hetty Claire and also our other sponor Sheepski Designs 

613 Avenue Create - AG + Critters 
Crafty Calendar - AG
Crafty Creations - AG 

Thanks for looking
hugs Nikki 

Monday, October 5, 2020


 Hello All Our Sponsors this round is Rachelle Anne Miller and Polka Doodles 

I've used Little Fairy  Just click on the name to take you to the shop 

I don't know what I will need this card to be yet so I didn't add a sentiment yet which will make this perfect for when I do need a card 

Coloured up with a Bunch of Markers !!

Thanks for looking
hugs Nikki 

Friday, September 25, 2020

Koh-i-noor Polycolor Pencils

Now I was lucky to win these as a prize in a challenge and these pencils are fantastic 
Koh-i-noor Hardtmuth  Polycolor Pencils say that 10 times fast.
They come in a Tin Case pre-sharpened up for you and they blend wonderfully as you can see in my sample image below. I used on this card all the colours that came in the box.  I didn't even notice till I was looking for the White that this set doesn't have one witch, I am really fine with so I treated my little drawing like a watercolour and left out the areas for highlights this has only been blended with the pencils themselves no Gamsol on Koh-i-noor Heavy drawing Paper which is a total dream to use pencils on it just lays down so smoothly. 
I did this very lightly handed as I wanted to see how the colours reacted to being blended in softly together. They didn't get that heavy feeling some do where you can't add any more colour over top 

This is my own review that I thought would be fun to share 
I plan on getting some more of these wonderful pencils 

Some More info about these pencils 
Professional-grade pencils for drawing, illustrating and coloring
3.8mm lead contains special oils to create water-resistant, dense and even strokes without using heavy pressure
Colors layer and blend beautifully with no waxy buildup
Broad edge excellent for shading; fine sharp point creates exquisite detail

Thanks for looking 
hugs Nikki 

Sunday, September 20, 2020

21 Sept - 3 OCT '20 - FUNNY and/or LET'S CELEBRATE

So this Round at Incy Wincy are doing the challenge of Funny and or Let's Celebrate 
I choose Funny Plus I wanted to use this image for a Halloween Kind of card 
I've been into totally CAS cards just let the image Shine so this was fun to colour up in Pencil Crayons 

Our Sponsors are Cute as A Button & Dr. Digi 


Thanks for looking

hugs Nikki 

Wednesday, August 19, 2020

Mermaids and/or Sea Colours

Our Challenge at Incy Wincy is Mermaids and or Sea colours so Here is my little creation 
Most of my cards these days have been flat because I have been mailing them all out which is great as it focus more is on the image and not the embellishments. So I made a standard Slim line card all set to be mailed the wonderful sponsor this round is Oddball Images and I just love colouring them up. The quirky images are always my fave!!

Arty Diva - AG
Crafty Cardmakers - Lots of  layers
A bit more time to Craft - AG

Thanks for looking 
hugs Nikki

Monday, July 20, 2020


Now My printer ink is super low at the moment so I created a digital card with Fabrika Fantasy
Pre-coloured image which is just perfect to even send a Virtual card to someone to brighten their day
and one lucky duck will win 3 images of their choice so join us at Incy Wincy this round

Monday, July 6, 2020

CURVY/CURVES July 6th - 18th

This round at Incy Wincy we want to see  Curvy/ Curves 
I used a soft curvy flowers along with a curvy die too 
Our Sponsors this challenge are Limited Runs and SheepSki Designs 

I used Sedum Cluster Colouring Page and My trusty Pencil Crayons this will be off to my grandma
to send her a little smile I would mail Chocolate with it but that is a winter time send it would be one nasty pile of melted mess now that we have started getting a heat wave.
A place to Start - Flowers
Rising Star Badge

Thanks for looking
hugs Nikki

Monday, June 29, 2020

Review Arrtx Alp Alcohol Markers

This is a newer Company to me and I am using the Skin Tone 36 set. It has 34 coloured Markers and 2 Colourless Blenders. Which I think is really Great,as a blender is needed so much that you can have one for the lighter colours and one for the darker if you like.
For those of you that like to keep your markers all in order it comes in a case/holder already for you to use with a slight tilt to keep them all in the case really well.  They really did think about how these can be used in your space for sure with the ability to just leave it open all the time and see all your colours in order these colours  are from 301-334.  Also comes with a little a colour swatch sheet to so you can sample them all and see how they go down on paper !! Loved that no printing just included with your set. Along with a removable Leather handle and little clasp to keep them locked up tight

Markers come in a Chisel Nib and Bullet Nib
they did make this set with Brush and Chisel Nib Look Up OROS 

I used 10 Different Colours from the set to colour this girl up and it worked out wonderfully 
I didn't try using any blender pens on this just to see how they work together 
Colours Used - 302,303,304,330,329,310,331,311,326,308
Orange I used what I had on hand 
Found the Markers to be really Juicy and blend really well too 
The bullet nib I thought might be too big at first but it wasn't at all and it is rigid enough for light touches which worked out to my liking.

The price point is fantastic for these markers and the company is coming out with more sets and colours all the time so keep an eye out 

I've only had mine for a week and will update after
 I've used them a long time and let you know how they hold up 

I will have to get some more for sure
You can Find these markers on Amazon so Just look Up ARRTX

Thanks for looking
hugs Nikki

Monday, June 15, 2020

Cats are A-Holes lol

Cats are so fun and such A-holes at time just like in this picture below from DR. Digi 
he makes such fun digi's to play with
I have done a mix of using Pencil Crayons and Markers on this
the Stamp is from Dare 2B Artzy  from "This won't hurt a bit Set"


Dare 2BArtzy - Masculine
Dragonfly Dreams - Masculine
Colour Crazy - AG
Aud's Sentiment -  AG

So go check it out and hope to see you join in this round 
hugs Nikki 

Monday, June 1, 2020

Anything but a Card

This Challenge at Incy Wincy is anything but a card so I made a tiny little corner bookmark so I can find my place again !!

So join us at Incy Wincy and Try and win some new Polka Doodle digi's 
I have used NATURE LOVER - t.ly/9plq isn't she sweet and one thing I love about bookmarks 
is they can use up lots of little scraps too 

Thanks for looking hugs Nikki 

Thursday, May 28, 2020

Coffee Week

Happy Coffee Hop Week !!!!

I am using take out Coffee Cup Set from Limited Runs Stamps
Just a quick and easy card !!


Thanks for looking

Have a wonderful day and Stay Safe
hugs Nikki

Saturday, May 23, 2020

Coffee Hop !!

Happy Coffee Hop Week !!!!

I've made up 2 Cards today for the hop using 2 different digital Images merged together from Limited Runs Stamps "Edith and Blank Coffee Cup" Both with just slight changes and colours to send out to people. I mail a lot of cards so basic ones that would work for anyone are fantastic 

Coffee Hop

Have a wonderful day and Stay Safe
hugs Nikki

Tuesday, May 5, 2020


Our Challenge is all about Books this week So I have used Oddball Art  image used her stack of books. to create a bookmark with it seeing can always use one.  

thanks for looking
hugs Nikki 

Friday, April 17, 2020

Be on the Look out !!

For a few New Listings on Ebay Starting on the 20th of this month and they are all starting at .99 Cents too so you can snag some One of a Kind Water colour by Me 

This is for Nibblefest which is a group of artists get together every month and sell up to 3 items
all starting at .99 Cents So if your looking for some fabulous new art to hang on your wall or stick in your wallet look no further plus these little mini's make amazing presents too !!

These are all ACEO Cards that are 2.5 by 3.5
Watercolours and ink

There are a bunch of other cards posted up too 

Funky Bird - The Collector 
He finds random things that have been left lying around outside or by an open window and brings them back to his nest to where he can enjoy all his found treasures

"Toaster Robot and his Cat clock" 
I love the idea of how a Robot can do so much all at one time so this guy can play with a Yo-Yo, Have a Fish tank inside him while holding his favorite cat clock, all while making toast and not burning it .

 "Oliver and his Dog"
Oliver has his own style he loves his thimble hat along with his old fashion portable TV and requires the help of his magic eight ball to get all the answers to his questions followed by his faithful dog Spot 

Thursday, March 19, 2020


Ever Feel like your playing catch up that's me right now with all my blogging 

here is what I did using a pre coloured image from Fabrika
So join us at Incy Wincy for Spring Fling

have a wonderful day 
hugs Nikki 

Sunday, March 1, 2020


Our Sponsor this time round at Incy Wincy is Beccy's Place I used one of her Freebies avail for a special Birthday card for someone who is 100 years old such a treat to send someone who has seen so much and does deserve a card for his birthday
Image may contain: 1 person, text

So here is what I am sending Fred !!! 

I do hope he likes it along with my sense of humour  too 

thanks for looking 
hugs Nikki

Friday, February 21, 2020


This time around our sponsors are Jan's Digi Stamps and Oddball Art Co. I am late joining in because I fudged up my dates ... it happens. I used an Oddball art image and I actually used some flowers. These little sticker centers are amazing I must say as they can now let this be shipped easy in the mail.
So Join us at Incy Wincy 

Alphabet - W - Anything you wish
Polkadoodles - AG
A Bit more time to Craft - AG
Daisy Chain - For the Girls
Creative Crafters - AG

thanks for looking 
hugs Nikki

I also have started to destash some stuff to will be posting it here 
It's on Ebid and it's free to join

Also have some ACEO Cards & Art on Ebay GO HERE