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Tuesday, March 27, 2018


Happy WOYWW !!! I have no idea where the week went I just blinked and it went by. So I'm going to be a doing a product review after I play with some Chalk O La Markers. I've just started that blue green something in the corner so it will take a little time to mess around with them and see how they are so far I'm having fun with them.  The markers are on my big kick there the big chunky ones but would be great on a chalk board for sure.

Sorry if I didn't get around to you all last week 
I'll do better this one 

hugs Nikki 

Tuesday, March 20, 2018


I entered a contest on Facebook to create a space theme using watercolours I created this but It needs help to make it into the top 3 with as many likes and Loves as possible please go over and like this  for me PLEASE!!! Link to --- >;My Picture to like 

I will create a little Happy mail for someone if I get into the top 3 :)

 Now onto my desk
As you can see I'm making ATC's Up and I've been in a mood to  just paint these days it seems so this has been a fun making them I'm working on some for the swap in May I know to early but last year I almost missed it.  So it looks like there will be random creations sent all over the place I think the Jellyfish and now the Emu or Ostrich will be the winners plus a few random OOAK's up . 

Close Up the Jelly Fish stack up top , Black and White tree I just traded it to add into my collection,
the frog I just won that stamp LOVE IT!!! from Holley Cat and Dog I'm working on and the Bee Digi which I did not forget is almost done just have to tweak it a little

So that's it for now
hugs Nikki

Tuesday, March 6, 2018


So Happy WOYWW well here is my space again. I'm in the middle of making more ATC, not for the WOYWW swap yet seeing I have 2 more months. I do have one done for it, seeing I knew it started with an M the month the swap was in. LOL Those who are on my list will be on it still and I will add in a bunch more for those who want to swap with me :)
Sorry I didn't make it around to everyone last week. I don't know where the week goes some days. The drink on my desk is a mocha Coffee made with substitute coffee so I'm not up all night long which doesn't really  mean anything really.

 Was watching Ash VS the evil dead. Made one of the evil dead he will kill eventually it looks like,  plus I love guts n gore and The Evil dead is over done tacky gore that makes you laugh I find.
So I'm still making new bees  and I will be turning them all into digital images I'm hoping this week. Also for those of you who use to see glass on my desk no more windows for a while it looks like My fingers like the break no more tiny little glass slivers to deal with for now
hugs Nikki
I'll visit as soon as I can 

Monday, March 5, 2018


So the challenge at Incy Wincy is we want you to use the colour of the year Now my 1st card is bang on my 2nd card I thought I was a lot closer till I took a picture. but it's does have a little in it 

Mari Ko Image 

A day for Daisy Image 

thanks for looking
Nikki C

Friday, March 2, 2018

Chocolate ATC

Here is my last one for Janis Challenge I played along every week for the month plus I love to create them and with a little prompt it's interesting to see what you make So I drew out that Yummy Chocolate that I like to have 2 of in my chocolate martini please. it's been painted up in Watercolours

Janis ATC - Week 4 Chocolate **won**

thanks for looking
hugs Nikki

Vintage Tea Time ATC

So I got a little behind on making up some  ATC but these are just in time too seeing Janis Challenge ends tomorrow WHEW so there will be two posts today I wanted to give this image an Old feeling so it's a little bit mixed Media Used Pencils, And Grey Pencil Crayon, Ink and Water colours which has a nice soft effect in it :)
Janis ATC - Teapots Week 3

thanks for looking 
hugs Nikki