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Friday, April 17, 2020

Be on the Look out !!

For a few New Listings on Ebay Starting on the 20th of this month and they are all starting at .99 Cents too so you can snag some One of a Kind Water colour by Me 

This is for Nibblefest which is a group of artists get together every month and sell up to 3 items
all starting at .99 Cents So if your looking for some fabulous new art to hang on your wall or stick in your wallet look no further plus these little mini's make amazing presents too !!

These are all ACEO Cards that are 2.5 by 3.5
Watercolours and ink

There are a bunch of other cards posted up too 

Funky Bird - The Collector 
He finds random things that have been left lying around outside or by an open window and brings them back to his nest to where he can enjoy all his found treasures

"Toaster Robot and his Cat clock" 
I love the idea of how a Robot can do so much all at one time so this guy can play with a Yo-Yo, Have a Fish tank inside him while holding his favorite cat clock, all while making toast and not burning it .

 "Oliver and his Dog"
Oliver has his own style he loves his thimble hat along with his old fashion portable TV and requires the help of his magic eight ball to get all the answers to his questions followed by his faithful dog Spot