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Tuesday, July 31, 2018


Well it seems I'm just making ATCs these days I have started a huge painting to create but so far I've painted the white bg and stopped seeing I have no idea what to paint not a clue lol
I thought I'd try and make some ACEO's and see if they might sell on Ebay ? Maybe I'm not sure if I'm ready to part with these yet but here is my space for this week
So here they are up closer they are Ink and Watercolour
Think I should try my luck and see if anyone would buy them ?
Here's what was on my space last week seeing I forgot to post this 
So ATCs are so much easier you can paint anything small so at the moment Monsters in watercolour and will add in some ink after to add in smaller details 

 thanks for looking 
hugs Nikki

Wednesday, July 18, 2018


Happy WOYWW here's my space this week Been working on Christmas cards YEP I said it !!!! made 10 of them to add into the growing pile.
So here's a close up of what I'm doing you can see one of my funky cards and some of my new atc have arrived in from a group I swap with on Facebook there is over 5000 swappers so someone is always around to take a card or two off your hands.

Hugs Nikki

Tuesday, July 10, 2018


Missed last week so just a little FYI the winner of my Gorilla is in the sidebar it's been claimed and he's flying his way to Australia.

So Here's my Space this week I've been still making ATC been colour up Chris Ryniak's Morning Scribbles too Cute they are I want a page of them made up it seems and a few C cards too out of him.
My new Tri- colour Pencils you can see that each one has 3 colours in them just started playing with them and having fun with how they shade an image quickly 
Was asked about my scrap box it's 14 cm by 24 cm Approx so it's not that big but holds a lot 
 Here is what is in it all labeled up Missing it the picture is a note pad and a post it package.
I don't have a lot of scraps seeing I reach for this 1st and if I find I haven't used the paper in a while then I recycle it. the advantage of keeping it contained I guess.

Sorry if I didn't get back to you all I couldn't handle the heat
WAY TO HOT these days 

hugs Nikki