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Friday, March 11, 2022

Fluid watercolour paper

 Hot Press and Cold Press Fluid Watercolour Paper 

Some info about the Paper 
140LB / 300 GSM HOT PRESS PAPER - High alpha cellulose paper, archival quality with the look & feel of 100% cotton , ACID FREE WATERCOLOUR PAPER  - made in the USA 

Hot press is very smooth allowing you for super fine details which is just wonderful to play with
amazing for line and wash work 

Cold press does have some texture but I would consider not very rough with just a slight texture still allowing for fine details too

Comes together glued on two sides which allows you not to tape it down and found it super easy to remove using a exacto blade without tearing the paper. Can take a lot of water without pilling and can be scrubbed back a bit without damage.  For the Price point this paper is fantastic and I have enjoyed working on both the hot and the cold press. It's tough to pick a favourite as my style of painting I like choices and variety so both will be getting again 

Here are 4 Examples of work done on the Hot Press you can notice how the details in the backgound and on them can hold delicate details while they had to have texture added in to them allowing more control. This reminds me much like drawing with pencils but I've used a brush in it all. 
Paint feels like it can slide across the paper so takes a little bit getting use to but well worth it to master it 

These are all on bright white papers 

Examples on Cold Press Paper
Great for landscapes and less holds the colours well 

Thanks for looking 
hugs Nikki 
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