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Tuesday, February 22, 2022

Arrtx - Portable Palette Review

 Hey All So here is my review on  This adorable small Portable Arrtx Bamboo Pallet
 (holds 12 1/2 Pans) I love stuff that isn't oversized and compact so this checks all my boxes for sure 

Adorable Packaging 
first inspection of it the bamboo is sanded smooth  and sealed.
Fits really well in my hand my hands aren't that big 
Size = 87 by 81 mm or 3.18 by 3.42 inches 
4 strong magnets that will hold the top on really well ,
 has a tiny little indent to help pop it off easier 

Base is bamboo so a great plus will last a long time.
 The top is a piece of 3 mm acrylic so hopefully it will survive it I ever drop it
(I am a klutz so I'm not testing that out lol)
I used my Paul Ruben Pearlescent paints 
to pop in the pan.  They fit perfectly nice and tight as you can see and 
don't fall out 
tried my other half pans and they would fall out easy so I would recommend 
getting a set of Paul Ruben paints to pop in it for sure 

Filled it up with the 1st row of paints 
Afterwords I realized I had limited myself a little too much so I swapped them 
around with some more colours that I love to use and swapped them around
now it's a perfect little portable pallet to play with 
This is perfect little pallet for those on the go and want something portable 
I could toss this in my purse and it wouldn't take up much room at all 
It's not that heavy weighs about 3.5 ounces with all my paints and the lid 

After using this for a while, a magnet on the bottom would be great to attach the lid on and perhaps being able to stack them which would make this great for a larger variety of colours or I could have gotten the larger one but I am a sucker for small stack able stuff so I prefer the 12 set 

So I'm off to paint now 
Have a wonderful day and pop in again to see what 
else I'm sharing with you 

hugs Nikki

Where to get your pallet Amazon - Arrtx Watercolor Palette Case