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Tuesday, June 26, 2018


Here's My Space this Week and I've been working on an ATC that a request remake it is like the fish that I can't part with under the Precut ATC's .  Seriously that show off on the right has been getting a little funky these days lol.  So my Giveaway is on the go if I make top 3 then one lucky person will be getting my silverback gorilla.  Yah please go over and help me out by voting on facebook Link in sidebar or in the post below. The 28th is my BD so I plan on eating some ice cream and cake lol 
My Sister sent me a whole box filled with goodness too for my BD and she was kind to cut me all those ATC's out now they are ready to be coloured on !!

Now for some of you might think I'm a little crazy but I really like to have things put in small spaces so I did what most would never do
There is over 120 Different types of Washi some full-ish rolls
YEP I took them off their rolls and put them in on heavy paper covered in packing tape 
now they take up next to no space and I have room for more. Funny how much more space there and the DH thinks it's not that bad now lol
this way takes up no space and is easier to find a type too

Hugs Nikki 

Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Woyww and Giveaway tomorrow

Here's my space right now a few ATC's I've been working on and my newest drawing or doodling of a silverback gorilla which I love Come back tomorrow and I should have a link up to where you can have a chance to win it with a like/love on facebook I'm going to need lots of help with this one seeing I'm so late at entering it. If I can make top 3 I'll be giving it away 

That's it and all my talk about C cards lol is me trying to talk myself into making them UTTER FAILURE at that. Been too busy drawing and painting and gardening ah the summer how it kicks us outside so easily 
thanks for looking hugs Nikki

Sunday, June 17, 2018

Happy Mail

Use your own Hand writing this challenge at Incy Wincy we have Rick St James as a sponsor I love working with his images they are fun to colour I did slightly alter this image by erasing out the US Mail , I live in Canada so thought it a touch odd for me to have that on my Happy mail card seeing I'll be sending it out as Happy Mail lol
This has been Coloured with Watercolours and for those that don't think yo can colour a digi with watercolours you can you just have to do light washes and slowly build up the colour and avoid smearing the Black ink lines so it does take a little time to do but it is do-able.
Colour Crazy - AG top 3
Jo's - AG

thanks for looking
and pop back on Wed and check out my 
new Art Giveaway

hugs Nikki

Very Pink Card

Here's a card I made using a  Day for Daisy Image  this cute little mermaid is adorable and will make a great little Hello to send off to someone

Crafty Friends - AG
Fariy and the Unicorn - Anything Magical/Mystical
A bit more time to craft - AG
Cards Galore - AG
Crafty Girls - AG
Create and Inspire - AG

thanks for looking
hugs Nikki
and Come back on Wed I should have another Art giveaway started by then too

Tuesday, June 12, 2018


Hey all Happy WOYWW well I got my last ATC in I think Julia was kind to send some of mine along with her's as a bonus to a few people  I don't know who got them so if you did let me know just cause I'm curious lol
So here is my space ATC album to the left there open and adding in the new ones along with all my other junk  I mean art supplies.
 Close up of Cindy's along with her rocking WOYWW card !! and a ATC shark I doodle out and just watercoloured up 

Thanks for looking will try my best to get around last week was HECTIC. Redoing the Backyard gardens 
Hugs Nikki

Tuesday, June 5, 2018


Well here is my space SNORE lol Not much going on worked on a few ATC's and have to create a wedding card for a friends that is coming up this weekend and might just start on making some more of the dreaded C cards lol 
 Here are the ATC's I got this week LOL at Kim Shut up and Colour so funny Thank you all for swapping with me I think there are a few still on the way
So very short and sweet 
oh and I added in a new Review on watercolour pencils too if you want to sneak a peek it's after this post
hugs Nikki

Monday, June 4, 2018

Review for WaterColour Pencils on Koh-I-Noor Hardtmuth Mondeluz

I now have the 36 Watercolour Pencil Set from Koh-I-Noor Hartmuth Mondeluz. Love them
They are designed with those that like things in order and are easy to figure out which colour is which. Seeing the outside matches the colour your using , no looking at the tip to figure it out just grab pencil and get to colouring. They are also only sold in a tin which is great for those that like to have them all laid out in front of you. They are also Numbered 1-36, On the back the actual colour name. No guessing or making up your own. They are sold in sets up to 72 have a

So below is just a quick view of the colours in the set I own. The left side is just pencil untouched and a paintbrush over the right you can see how lovely these colours are and they are nice and translucent they can get when you drag your brush away.
I've just drawn up a little rose and used a few colours on 140 lb paper,  I coloured them all on dry paper just like I would if I was using pencil crayon, but I've done them very soft in some areas to get highlights showing up.

1st Picture is just a quick  sketch drawn out with the watercolour pencils just roughly shading
2nd Picture it me going over it quickly blending the watercolours together and then leaving it to dry
3rd Picture I am gone over it more with the pencils then blended it down I stopped here but you could go a lot further with it making it have very deep shades
So far I'm loving using these they are so great for colouring by the tv just grab and paint little works of art.

When it comes to blending these pencils with enough water they blend super easy and you can fade really quick by just pulling the colours across, and using a little extra water.
When adding water the Pigment becomes really vibrant my pictures just do not do them justice

On the Negative side of owning these I haven't found a close art store that sells any open stock so I would have to buy a set which will get a little crazy for those colours I don't use a lot. Plus the pricing varies a lot and my set choices I'm stuck to Ebay or Amazon to find larger sets.

This review is my own
I just thought I'd share what I use with you all 
hugs Nikki