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Saturday, April 2, 2022

New Blog

 Hi All I've made a new blog just for my art and this will be more for reviews and the odd creation that I make up 

you can find my new blog here --- Nikki's Oddities  Please follow along if you want 

I have really cut back on my crafting over time as I just wanted to change things around and got back into my art of painting t

Pentel Arts - Oil Pastels

 Today I am going to talk about Oil Pastels now these oil Pastels are a great stepping stone into playing with Oil Pastels as they do not break the bank at all you can pick them up for Under $15.00 On Amazon 

This is the 50 Stick Set 49 Colours with 2 white. White is a great blender they are surely the ones that will be used up 1st. The colours are all nicely saturated and the colour on the stick is the colour you will be putting down. 

Blending you can use your fingers which will get very messy but fun too 
Or Odorless blending solution (Gamsol), Old Markers , Baby Oil and a cotton tip to blend.
Paper towels kleenex etc you get the point 

Now my pastels where a gift to me from a neighbour that was moving and they where new but older so I found the package had a strong smell to them but if memory serves me correctly they do have a odor to them. The little forest I did below I used the wrong paper Watercolour rough and the blending felt choppy to me. (Wrong paper to use)

Next on Cardstock  allows finer details and blends so much easier and I did like the way they layered up on each other I didn't use that many colours but I'm pretty sure you can see how much nicer this looks with the blending. I did an ink sketch before hand to start me off.

Cons : this can be messy,
Does have a odor
Will have to spray a sealer over it to stop it from moving around once done
If you have it in a book. 
Not found open stock but does have smaller sets 

Pros : Blends with just your fingertips 
Not expensive 
once you get the hang of them you can do anything great to get you into using them 
Can be blended with found items.
Good amount of colours 
Can be sharpened into a tip which I will do eventually 

Thanks for looking
hugs Nikki 

If you have any questions please ask away