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Sunday, May 1, 2022

Acrylic Paint Pour -Lightwish Brand

 So I just purchased this little starter kit for paint pouring. I have been eyeing all the lovely work that pour art can create. 1st off I need more practice this is my first swipe mix. I over played with it sure but it was fun. 

The Kit Includes 8 paints 6 gloves and 2 drop cloths table protectors ( I did not even realize these where in the kit when I bought it so BONUS !!! ) 
The Colours are bright and vibrant and Poured really easy there was two reviews when I bought these that said they didn't pour but I did not believe them at all and so Happy I did not listen to them 
These poured quickly and the gloves are needed !!! I am a messy painter the paint did wash really easy from my hands which makes you a happy painter :) 

Kit includes White, Black, Yellow, Orange, Green, Blue, Purple and Red.
I do see me using the White up first as it's such a nice bright contrast to the other colours 

Pros - They pour easy and are smooth and moved around the paper well
Wash off Easy 
Come with bonus gloves and table cover
Great amount to start out and play with 
Price is a good point for what you get too 
Bright Colours that go together well 
Just good messy fun and Great to use for kids or adults 

Cons - Will use up the White too Quickly Would be great if they sold larger solo containers
But you can say that about any paint lol
Also when I snapped the lid back make sure there isn't a lot of excess paint as it will fly off and hit you as they close up well and tight. 

To Get Cells you will still need to buy another product no matter what paint you Buy 

I tried using a little heat on this so you can see that the paint puckered a little where it was thick 
that is my fault air drying would have created a flat look 

You can buy these paints here on Amazon.ca