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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Tiny Altered P-Arts

My First Post About My Wittle Stuff May you enjoy
It's funny I never thought I'd use these little bottle caps when my sister mailed them to me and low and behold I have ... Surprized me and I even liked how they turned out know I want to try and find different things to test out and ALTER away gonna get me some small Bits and Bobs and paint and stain away :)
I love how something so tiny can just draw you in and make you really take a look at it Now that I've made these what will I add them to .... Hummm I have no Idea just making Parts for the time being eventually it will come to me I'm sure

Can't even decide which one is my fave lol. I keep flipping back and forth between em.


  1. Fab work you've done honey...

    Lorraine xxx

  2. OMG these are just gorgeous... very arty... well done on your first post... welcome to the wonderful world of blogging, it's addictive..hehehe Crafty hugs Tina x

  3. wow those are really awesome!!! you made them or they came that way?


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