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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

WOYWW & scary mask

It's Wed so WOYWW
Julie started this to show how clean or Messy
I"ve only been back in my space for about a week and trying my best to keep it tidy so far not to bad .. it's just minor as I can't decide on how to create this card Plus it's getting closer to Halloween and Everything get's put on hold for that ... at least here it does Clean house NAH!!!

I finally have my space back no Cramped up coffee table It's so nice to have my own little space back plus it's been fun to clean out some stuff I have been getting ready for Halloween and some of it turns out to be alot DARKER then I like to admit ... must be the horror addict I am lol but for this year our poor Dummie is going to be  yet another victim ... of AN ELECTRIC CHAIR .(last year he was strung up).. so he needs a mouth guard and it's made out of  cardboard and paper and lots of 3-d writer paint, rub on lustre and wire  and cheeseclothe... this is what I've been doing I've been playing around instead of making any cards ...  with the layout above but every time the paint dries I start on the halloween stuff it's so close so  I've still got to paint the sign and make the skull cap for his head and figure out the rest of the scary stuff so we can see how many kids we can scare this year ... lol it's what halloween is all about

THIS IS SO SCARY LOOKING I've Surprised myself on this face cover VERY FREAKY
My kitty Squeaker
is always around to be my tester that and he's not scared
Happy Halloween
Hugs Nikki


  1. Lordy Nikki, those sweet and christmassy images onyour desk are really hiding a dark side!! The face mask is excellent..I'm scared! Great WOYWW!

  2. Sounds liek you are in heaven , back in your craft room.
    Now i have to say that mask .. scares me , lol But it is fab, so clever!

  3. Glad to hear you have your room back.I just love the mask you made and it gave me a fright. can't wait to see the whole electric chair. Happy Halloween. Huggs Anne


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