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Wednesday, December 30, 2009


I've been playing around with these huge tags that my sister sent they are originally Party invites and I've been altering them into huge Pocket tags to hold something and there's my big old kitty keeping me company. Now he loves Pencils and you'll notice I forgot to put one away well as I stood there and watched him eyeing it. Less then a Min later he had it in his mouth and started to bite into it. Took that way quick he's already done it to a few of my pencils and broken others there got to be something about how soft the wood is around them that turns him into a big old dog lol If I throw one he chases it but doesn't bring it back ...ever. When he starts chewing on them and I have to try and save it from him lol This one only had a couple teeth marks in it
and my Coffee fix is French Vanilla mmm
The little white pail is full of little hand made organza flowers,
The tags are with my newest digi stamp I thought I'd make 3 tags
using up scraps

Thanks for peeking at my desk and I've got a little digi candy to win here just leave a comment to win till the 31st too only 2 ppl so far and 3 winners lol so they need a little competition ;)
hugs Nikki


  1. love your cat on your desk! so funny reading your post I can just imagine it.

  2. Them's big tags Nikki - love what you've done so far..we all seem to be fired up to start using scraps effectively! Your cat - nutter! Love the way he's eyeing up your desk for pencils!

  3. Aaww Nikki your cat is gorgeous, even if he does like your pencils!

    Love the blue tag you've finished.

    Happy New Year x

  4. Aww, at least you puddy cat sits at the side of your desk……..my BoJangles prefers the centre, right where I’m trying to work.
    I’m wondering……..Do teeth marks in your pencils warrant a shopping trip for new ones……yes!

    A Happy and Healthy New Year to you.


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