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Wednesday, January 20, 2010


WOWWD well here it is me coloring tons I think I love to have them all colored before I start putting them together So I have a Bunch of Digi's to be colored up from a few Places
Dustin Pike, Incy Wincy,Limited Runs & Ellephantastic's, That's only part of my pencil crayons and I have more hidden away (all the duplicates lol & watercolor ones) I actually finally got 3 Touch Markers they are like copics, all in skin tone colors, pencils are great but they only have a few tones and sometimes I don't feel like blending. Now I just wish I bought the whole line lol
I'll get more slowly so my DH doesn't think I'm Crazy lol, All the pencil holders are tea containers
all covered up mmm Vanilla Chai Tea Those BAGS to the left have to be put in the post today or I'm going to have one sad little niece on her birthday
Thanks for peaking at my desk now I'm off to Snoop at yours :P
Hugs Nikki


  1. Great desk darling , you got a few pencils then !!? lol this is the desk of an artist
    Thanks for sharing
    Hugs Susie xx

  2. Hey Nikki, your desk is pretty - those pencils are as god as a bunch of flowers to me! Intersting piece of paper there..is there a plan? Cute bunny by the way, but don't ask me for a name, I'm rubbish at that sort of thing!

  3. Hey there Nikki. Love the bunny almost a BUNNY'S DELIGHT!!! it is what I might name it. What Bunny doesn't love carrot cupcakes. :) Yummy. Okay then I'll cross my fingers for the chance to win. Huggs Anne

  4. Hi Nikki, just love all those pencils sharpened and ready to go, as for bunny names, not easy but Charlotte comes to mind, great image, love the heart on the ear, take careX:)

  5. That's quite a stash of pencils you have there! Is it a male mouse or a female? I'd go with Mungo Mouse for a male or Ella, Eliie, Esme for a girly name!

  6. Hi Nikki - love all your nicely sharpened pencils.
    As for a bunny name he (looks like a he to me)looks like his name is Benji to me!

  7. mmm the bunny also looks like a boy to me, i'd call him bobby.

    love the way your desk is organized


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