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Tuesday, August 11, 2015


So This arrived in the post today and what a surprise to me I got an ATC from Bridget in Australia
for our 6th anniversary. I think this is just wonderful I love how she made her bottle top look 
So here is my space this week still not much going on it's so here's my whole space 
for you to take a peek at 
Sewing table on the right (empty seeing the cat likes to sit on it or walk over to sit on what ever I'm doing my stamps are in two of the binders along with some stickers and odds n ends in another
1 of the binders is my stainglass drawings that I make up when I'm working on a window
Ribbons and Inks in the clear boxes envelopes in the brown box 
and the other boxes that are stacked hold embossing powders,glues and 8 by 11 sheets and one with stuff I rarely use or plan to eventually use the long board is a cut off from my painting will turn that into a long sign one day when I'm up for it 
and YES there is still "C" crap on my desk lol

Happy WOYWW and I'll try my best to visit as many as I can 
hugs Nikki 


  1. Everything looks ship-shape and orderly to me! So far my new kitty hasn't been too interested in my stamping, although he HAS shown an interest in chewing on anything paper...magazines, kleenex, paper towels, etc. He had best not discover my card stock and dsp or we're going to have a problem, lol! I hope you have a wonderful week, and thank you for popping by earlier! Hugs, Jeannie

  2. thanks for already visiting!! I love your atc from Bridget - as you say, very different design to the one I received! Have a good week. Helen 5

  3. Hurumph!! What is it about cats that makes them want to sit on what we are doing. Queen Chloe loves to sit on anythiung fabric.She doesn't like paper! That's good.Love your tidy space.You should see mine at the moment!AAhhh!!!

  4. love your tidy space :)
    happy woyww
    Charlie #8
    or find me here

  5. Cats eh?! They so love to be in the thick of it all :-). I love your crafting space, it's so well organised and neat. But the C word?? Noooo, it's too soon!
    Hugs, LLJ 4 xx

  6. Hi, I love seeing how tidy and how compact you are over there. Your pens certainly add a splash of colour to the photograph. Of course it would not be fair if you did not leave space for your furry friend.
    Hugs, and thanks for visiting me in the early hours. - Neet 19 xx

  7. Hi Nikki, thanks for the visit to mine. You are only the 2nd desk I have visited this morning (that is morning here at least) and so far that's three of us who have mentioned the C word or letter! Panic!! Panic!! Guess it could be worse it could be December! then we would be in a panic. Hope you have a great WOYWW and happy crafting, Angela x 24

  8. Hi Nikki, love your workspace, so organised. Bridgets ATC's are gorgeous, aren't they?Have a great week, Hugs, Shaz #14 xxx

  9. Your desk always looks tidy to me and yes.... I was looking for the C letters on your desk :( No hope for me.
    have a lovely week.
    sandra de @41

  10. Ooh! It's lovely getting art through the post. Thanks for sharing your desk with us.

  11. I'm liking the full frontal...and the fact that you do not let this suff overtake you, i think i need to confine my stuff better. Above all though Nikki - that beautiful lamp!!

  12. Your craft space is inspirational! I know that I have too much stash and am trying to clear it, now I can see what I am aiming for!!!
    thank you

    have a good week

    Bishopsmate #44

  13. Your desk is ready to dive into creativiness! Love that you told us what is in the boxes/drawers... it makes your photo come to life! Happy woyww and a warm hug (real high temps overhere today) from sunny Holland. Marit #36

  14. That is a lovely ATC from Bridget and such a sweet thought for your anniversary!
    Your desk looks e er so nice and tidy.
    Sorry for being so late but we've been away for a few days (without wifi)
    Have a great week,

  15. Hi, Nikki, I think you've got the most compact and neat space of anyone this week. (I'm almost done visiting everyone.) Hope you're having a happy week. Happy WOYWW (a couple of days late) from Laura #48

  16. Hi Nikki! Just wanted to stop by and peak at your space. You accomplish so much in such a small area. I envy you. I need to spread out LOL Love the ATC. Great use of a bottle cap. Creative Blessings! Kelly 346


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