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Friday, April 1, 2016

Darnell's April Fool Contest

Darnell's Big Fat Boo Boo Challenge!!!
Well I've only been on one DT forever I'm just happy there and have guested Designed for a few others here and there,
I'm known for just seeing an image and picking it for the image the Designer makes. Then realizing I haven't picked the image for the DT or even bothered to follow the challenge but hey that happens more then I'd like to admit. 
So our challenge was Winter wonderland and there was no way this image would work for it EVER but I still posted it with the statement this is just me sharing the wrong way to enter our challenge (something along those lines).
So this is the card I made for it ... DOESN'T have anything to do with WINTER WONDERLAND more like DOG likes your lights and will roll around in them no problem
So that's my one Boo BOO story and I'm sticking to it Image kind of works for this too lol
Oh and I love to share this one it's not a mistake just an unexpected card to send off to someone lol


Had written sentiment by me Like I'd ever find this one anywhere :)

hugs Nikki


  1. LOVE the fairy card!!
    As for not exactly following a challenge..........well.....been there...done that...LOL! Darling card, doggy and all!

  2. I hear you! and once you've posted a card wrong to a challenge I have never figured out how to remove it! eeeek!! Sweet card though : )

    Love that fairy card! this was a surprise - who knew!?! LOL

    Thanks for sharing : )


  3. Yes, I can relate to that....I think a lot of us can! LOVE that fairy card! TFS! Hazel xx
    My Card Attic

  4. Oh my! A stretch of the imagination sometimes has me entering a card into a challenge. I am not sure others can see it. So I think I have done a similar boo boo. But I sure like your fairy card. Too bad someone does not pick up on that sentiment or perhaps you can send it to Verse or someplace and have them make them. It sure is a cute card and sure to bring a smile.

  5. I think it's just called artistic licence isn't it! That's a very naughty fairy you have there. Cara x

  6. Super cute, original cards~oh yes, I've made the mistake with challenges before~ :) Thanks for sharing!

  7. I've been known to adapt a challenge (or 12...) as well, so seeing your card here has me giggling! I think the dogs are thoroughly enjoying the 'winter wonderland' of playing in lights! As for your second...hahahahahahha! Thanks for sharing these today!

  8. Love that fairy card, gave me a giggle. Winter Wonderland mmmm well maybe it was a tropical Winter wonderland or just dogs rolling in lights. Lucky its a cute card.

  9. Oh, yes....a card that just misses the challenge requirements by...a mile! lol... Been there! TFS.
    <3 J

    jwoolbright at gmail dot com

  10. Bwahaha! I think your second card is a riot, Nikki! Even adorable little fairies have to digest their food, don't they?!! Too funny! I also enjoyed your story about your difficulty with DT/GD gigs at times. Teddy certainly makes a precious holiday card, even if it isn't classically winter-wonderland-themed! I'm sure DTs everywhere love you and your designs no matter what!! Happy April Fool's Day and thank you for playing in my first BFCBB Hop!! Hugs, Darnell

  11. It is easy to get caught up in the images and not necessarily the theme! At least your image went with winter because Christmas comes in the wintertime. Of course I guess that depends on where you live too. lol I love your card, but it is your second card that had me rolling on the floor laughing! Love, love, love your second card! Hugs, Brenda

  12. Hahahha, I really love to come to you, not only that you are making great card you always make me lough!!
    Great cards as always and great sentiments, work well with explanations you are giving:)
    Have a great weekend my friend!!
    ♥Hugs Valentina♥

  13. Very funny Nikki...two cool cards though, enjoy your weekend

  14. I think you adapted your fairy lights perfectly to the challenge, after all the challenges are always open to interpretation aren't they lol. Love your second card really made me smile.


  15. The second card made me laugh out loud. As for the suitability of a card for a challenge, sometimes we think a bit too laterally and then later wonder why on earth we felt it fitted the bill

  16. Two fun cards...yes, a time or two (or more) my card didn't quite fit the challenge either or I stretched the rules a bit. Especially with challenges where there is no prizes...so the challenge police don't usually say much.


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