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Tuesday, July 11, 2017


Happy WOYWW (What's on your Workdesk Wed) You can join in the blog hop by going to Julia's and taking a good snoop through everyone's space and there is lots to see everyone is just so creative and it's fun to look at where others craft. So here's my little space.
Candy Winner

 I've just started putting together the candy for the winner who is comment = Lindart  (thanks MR Random Generator)
Congrats send me your snail mail and I'll pop it into the post for you 

Now on to my space for this week nothing to exciting going on I did manage a little crafty time creating a card or too and will have to make some more thank you cards and those dreaded cards no one wants to talk about in JULY LOL!!!

Now I will share a card my sister made for me and I'm going to enter it in a few contests for her so if 
she wins for this adorable card she will be so happy 
I giggled when I saw this 
Then she told me she took the time to use REAL toilet paper and made
the little Roll inside to make it look real OMG right!! talk about attention to 
the little things on a simple looking card. Very sharp indeed
City Crafter Challenges - 2 Colours Only
Shopping our Stash - CAS  for Simplicity Day
Create and Inspire - AG

Thanks for looking 
hugs Nikki 


  1. What a fun card from your sister. Great idea! I love it!
    Congratulations to the winner!
    Valerija xx

  2. Ha Ha!! what a great card; your sister has a good sense of humour. well done Linda, enjoy your goodies. Helen #2

  3. Ah, I see. Thanks for explaining the acronym for me :).
    Congratulations to Lindart on her win
    Oh, I love your sister's card! So funny :D. It must have taken her ages to make that tiny toilet roll. This definitely should be framed and on the loo's wall, it would make you laugh every time you visited. Debra x

  4. Now that is a wonderful card!!! LOVE the mini loo roll!
    Happy WOYWW :)
    Claire no. 4

  5. Clever to get it all looking so realistic.'sandra de @8

  6. congrats to winner!
    this is so great and funy card!

  7. Congrats to the winner... Your sister's card is fantastic... Love it... May#13

  8. Hi Nikki, that card is ace! Very funny, and so much attention to detail, I'm amazed. Have a lovely week, Hugs, Shaz #6 XxX

  9. That is superb Nikki, the sentiment alone makes me laugh, love it! You mention attention to detail (which is amazing), I figure it's a family thing, you both have the skills!

  10. Your sister makes a great card! Such detail! Happy WOYWW Sarah #23

  11. What a fun card LOL! Apparently, some people do want to talk about those dreaded cards in July! Yours is the third blog to mention them today! Gasp! Come on people - enjoy the summer first! Hope you have a good week, Nikki! zsuzsa #17

  12. Oh my word, what a funny card! thanks for the giggles :D Have a great week! Xo Cheetarah WOYWW #19
    Contemplations of a Kitty

  13. Wow! Thank you! I will send my snail mail to you! Your sister's card is too cute! Thanks for sharing, Lindart #31

  14. Hi Nikki,

    The card from your sister is amazing!! I love the little TP roll - very cute. Julia shared a Christmas card on her desk -- oh my. I've actually been debating about making a Christmas card this year. We'll see......

    Has your package arrived yet?


    1. Yes it did everything is wonderful I shared it on last week on my desk the DH wants to make an umbrella blow dart gun if only those umbrellas would open on impact. Boys are just silly

  15. Lovely workspace. Lol! at the toilet roll - Hazel WOYWW 36 x

  16. That card is hilarious! Have a great week and congratulations to the Birthday Candy winner! Dorlene #30

  17. You desk looks so organised. Happy WOYWW xx Jan (26)

  18. Love her sense of humour that is a brilliant card! Have a great woyww and a lovely crafty week, Angela x12x

  19. Happy Birthday! I thought that was in a real bathroom when I first saw it. It is an adorable card!
    April #22

  20. Lol, that card made me laugh!! That's the sort of thing I'd send to Julia 😁
    Hugs LLJ 7 xx

  21. Funny and really realistic. Thanks for joining in at City Crafter.


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