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Monday, June 29, 2020

Review Arrtx Alp Alcohol Markers

This is a newer Company to me and I am using the Skin Tone 36 set. It has 34 coloured Markers and 2 Colourless Blenders. Which I think is really Great,as a blender is needed so much that you can have one for the lighter colours and one for the darker if you like.
For those of you that like to keep your markers all in order it comes in a case/holder already for you to use with a slight tilt to keep them all in the case really well.  They really did think about how these can be used in your space for sure with the ability to just leave it open all the time and see all your colours in order these colours  are from 301-334.  Also comes with a little a colour swatch sheet to so you can sample them all and see how they go down on paper !! Loved that no printing just included with your set. Along with a removable Leather handle and little clasp to keep them locked up tight

Markers come in a Chisel Nib and Bullet Nib
they did make this set with Brush and Chisel Nib Look Up OROS 

I used 10 Different Colours from the set to colour this girl up and it worked out wonderfully 
I didn't try using any blender pens on this just to see how they work together 
Colours Used - 302,303,304,330,329,310,331,311,326,308
Orange I used what I had on hand 
Found the Markers to be really Juicy and blend really well too 
The bullet nib I thought might be too big at first but it wasn't at all and it is rigid enough for light touches which worked out to my liking.

The price point is fantastic for these markers and the company is coming out with more sets and colours all the time so keep an eye out 

I've only had mine for a week and will update after
 I've used them a long time and let you know how they hold up 

I will have to get some more for sure
You can Find these markers on Amazon so Just look Up ARRTX

Thanks for looking
hugs Nikki

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