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Wednesday, February 3, 2010


Here's My Desk (Wanna see more Desks check out Julia who started it all HERE)with nothing to show only for the fact that I've been painting instead and trying my best not to get it on the floor. As my lovely DH would say get it on the carpet and I'll kill yah. Only for the fact that he knows when I get into it I totally forget about the floor, walls myself as I try to focus on one thing the painting and nothing else but here's my desk. My Sister sent me a little package and you can see she sent me inchie cards with envelopes .. now what to do with those I haven't the clue but I'm thinking a card with mini cards in it ? My artist pad is covering over my clear/unmounted stamp binder. Yep that's all I own it's more of the fact that stamps verses Digi's are slowly taking over and my printer is getting a workout . It's a 2 feet by 4 foot board that is to go into our dining room. It's more about the colors and mood and it matches there is about 5 or 6 other ones all underneath since I've started and it has changed color pallets alot at one time it was half redish and brown. Here's what I've been working on I'm done except it needs to be mounted up to hang and a good couple coats of varnish to seal it in because it's done in acrylic or I'll never be able to dust it off.

This Picture really doesn't show how Rich the colors are
But I'll take a picture when it's hung up and It could be a while
seeing my DH is busy fixing something else and he'll have to cut the
wood for the back :)

Thanks for looking Hugs Nikki
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  1. you're one of those that gets carried away then!!? I try not to fling stuff around because it's ME that has to clean it up!! ;-)

  2. Wow Nikki - if I could come up with a painting like that, my desk would be clear too....although I could not guarantee the carpet! My stamp collection is less than a third what it was....I'm so grown up about it now!!

  3. Hi Nikki

    Your desk is really tidy to say how creative you have been - love that canvas - it'd cost you a fortune from a gallery/department store - and what more satisfaction than the fact that you did it yourself - what a conversation piece that would be.

    I hope you soon get to hang it somewhere lovely,

    Paula x x x

  4. Hi Nikki, is there no end to your talents, nice to have a tidy desk every now and then, take careX:)

  5. oh wow i wish i could paint like that its lovely xxx

  6. That is fab Nikki :)

    I could quite easily get lost in that painting :)

  7. Oh I love that canvas... so moody and atmospheric! Well done you.


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