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Wednesday, February 10, 2010


Okay so I got tired of a boring Desk

What's on your Workdesk Wed ... mine is ...EVERYTHING lol I thought Why Not Grabbed one BIN and dumped it then realized Susie might be around and Dumped another .. it had a couple punches in it ,I'd hate to see her go thru withdrawal .... even in the mess it's slightly orgainzed.. and perhaps color cordinated lol

So I've posted one trashed then cleaned it really quickly, just took off what didn't belong and left what was hiding underneath .. It only lasted the photo and had to be put back proper lol .. I'm going to be reusing my fave tea tin there makes a great little holder for my pencils and pens but it can't look that way now it can't look that way must make it a little pretty. I am going to have to get some new felt soon but I want Black this time around to hide all those coffee/tea spills .. who really pays attention to there cups when they are working.. I do ...Not !!! LOL
I only wanted to cover one but liked it so much that I did
5 of them instead I love how they all sort of match
Different patterned ribbons

So pop over to Julia's and see what the rest of the girls are showing off on their desks or rooms or floors or cupboards or boxes I'm sure you'll have a laugh or too somewhere :P

thanks for taking a peak and if Julia would like to pick her Free DIGI that would be great otherwise I guess I'll have to Pick again (HINT HINT)

hugs Nikki


  1. So are you telling us Nikki that you put all the stuff back after?? Like it. Great idea about altering the tea tub thingy - I immediately thought of gravy granuals tubs...

    Please share it when you have done it.

    Paula x x x

  2. I did laugh when I saw your first photo of your desk, that would have given me a nervous twitch! The second photo looked much more civilised! Love all the colours of your coloured pencils and your digi images too you are very talented! Tracey x

  3. Oh laugh...that worked for me, how funny you are...bet it made you twitch just takng the photo! Pencil tubs are fab...amazing how a bit of black can make pencils look so beautiful. Well that and your arty sense of arranging them in colour groups. These are the sort of ideas that WOYWW was made to expose, see!
    And yes please, I'd love to pick up my free Digi....had no idea (but that might be because I have to find my glasses to read the teeny text on your blog and I've been squinting at it today....) Tell me how and where and I'll go geddit - gratefully! Thankyou!

  4. Lol, too funny! The things we are being driven to do and all in the name of WOYWW!! Great pencil storage too.


  5. Oh Wow! I love your digi images..the cupcakes look sooo yummy. I love your pencil pots & for one minute thought I'd found someone with less crafting space than me! Thanks for stopping by my washing machine! ~blushes~

    Hope you have a lovely weekend. Gez.

  6. How did I miss this !!? You got a serious pencil fetish girl !! Lol they do look fabby all in their colour families I'm a bit jealous !! He he
    I love your cup cake digi sooo yummy darling
    Hugs Susie xx


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