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Wednesday, March 3, 2010


Well this is just fantastic WOYWW is getting so big it's like a blog hop of fabulous finds
Julia has started it all out of curiousity of seeing other's rooms/stashes and now look at it very full of fun stuff going on everywhere and might pick up a new trick or two along the way

Here's my space Lets see some of my new digi's that I've planning on giving away some this week all you need to do is comment from any post between 27th and 6th  every comment counts as one and every 50 Comments = 1 more winner :)

Lets see found some lovely touchy feely textured paper and wanna try and make a tear bear  with the mulberry paper .. should be an interesting disaster lol  ... Julia I used 3 of the flowers YAH!! on that card .. ripped em apart and colored and put them back together part way.

Enjoy my little space
Hugs Nikki


  1. Hi Nikki,
    What an interesting workspace. The mermaids are beautiful and I look fowrard to seeing the Teddy Bear you make.
    Clare x

  2. Ooh mermaids Nikki, great idea. Love the card with flowers on - your good example may yet rub off on me! And you just know I'm going to ask about the brushes - washing up?

  3. Fab crafting space. look forward to seeing the teddy card.
    A x

  4. Love that paper, wow it's beautiful! Great images too and what a great little card. Yay for using the flowers!


  5. I’m loving the colours you’re working with there Nikki, so warm and glowing but I’m in disbelief that you could bring yourself to use so many of those gorgeous flowers on one card.
    If it were me I wouldn’t use them at all, just admire and stroke them occasionally Lol!

    By the way, thanks for the Photoshop info. I’ll give it a go later.

  6. Sorry I missed your desk on Wednesday and there's such a lot going on! and I spy that lovely fairy catching card too

  7. OOOOO I do just love having a nose at peoples desks! So inspiring!



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