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Tuesday, November 6, 2012

WOYWW & Sneak Peak of my Candy!!!

 Little bit of a long post for me at least. I'm trying to figure out a couple more tall cards they do take a bit of work figuring out the space and what I'm hoping them to look like in the ... I HAVE NO IDEA. I just move things around till it's time to glue it all down. Still have to figure out an image for it. I am so well planned on this lol.
 So Here is my Floor for this week and I think I'm just gonna decorate the trees and go from there so check out everyone else's desks/floors/closets and check out what they are up to with all their stash. There's a bookmark I started I also think it's finished to I love the flocking on the paper so soft. Parts for a card that I'll eventually start and my clear stamp book with all my stamps in it. I'm so happy to have spurged and bought some new xmas sentiments for my cards.
As I look at this picture if I wasn't giving those stamps away they would be perfect for these cards all coloured up One lucky person will enjoy them brand spanky NEW!!!
I never really thought that some people might be interested in how one keeps it organized When it comes to things we create but it seems a fantastic idea to see how other's keep track of their handmade creations. I have a Vintage Trunk that at one time I actually had to restore I've covered in fabric and painted the whole outside and my sweet darling man added wheels on it so it's moveable which we are using as coffee table/foot rest/storage area for our spare comforter it's underneath. But listen to me ramble lol.
So here's the old trunk I fixed up ... Looking at the picture it really needs to be painted again that's a job for summer. It's to cold now for the windows to be open. Here's my cards for Christmas and that's all that's in there right now. I think one or two might not be xmas but the bulk of them are
So Amy Wants to see how you keep your cards organized and I thought why not take a couple pics and show you how I keep mine dust free and safe from being crunched
So there you go that's what I've been up to for the time being
and have a fantastic Wed and visit everyone else's desk if you can
Check it all out here at Julia's Blog
I do remember a time when there was only about 35 people who joined in
this weekly event and now it's ALOT and Growing!!!

hugs Nikki


  1. Lots of lovely cards, you've been busy! Like the little bear image on your desk, he looks very cute.Have a great week
    HapPy WoyWw!!
    ((Lyn)) might be #22...

  2. You have been busy and what an amazing collection of cards.
    Sandra @10

  3. Some interesting ideas in your desk. Great trunk! Nan 19

  4. It looks like so far so good on the tall card. It's just a rather large bookmark that opens up, really, in terms of the type of space you're working with. (I also like the bookmark... bookmarks are pretty much all I make right now, so it's exciting when other people make 'em too.)

    I like the candy sneak peek! For some reason that set disappeared from my Michaels before I felt Christmasy enough to buy it -- pity, I liked it. Especially that juggling elf, who really would be quite good on tall skinny things... I bet your prize winner wouldn't be too terribly sad if their gift had a little ink on it... I know I wouldn't!

  5. Love the cards, it seems we are all just about started now!!! Happy WOYWW, Helen #4

  6. Yes I remember the days when we could go round and visit everyone in a morning too! Love that trunk its fabulous and I like all of your cards too - you sound like you work like me and just wing it until you find the right combination! Thanks for sharing - Sunshine Girl No. 54

  7. Yay lots of Christmas cards BJ#30

  8. Gosh it seems like ages since i've visited your space, Loving your big trunk, very gorgeous indeed. Your crimbo cards look cool too.

    Happy WOYWW
    Hugz Minxy #1

  9. What a great idea for storing cards! Please hop by my desk #87 Lauren x

  10. I love that trunk Nikki - what a great piece - looks fab and has a multitude of uses! I have trunk envy!! Happy WOYWW to you from Helen 56

  11. I love the look of the tall cards, they are great. Thanks for insisting
    FAMFA (20)

  12. All my trunks are full of junk and keepsakes, but I do store my cards safely. Your desk is looking good.
    Krisha #45

  13. Cute ideas happening on your desk. I'm sure you'll figure it out!! :-) Brigita #117

  14. Aw Nikki, the trunk is amazing...hey - you could prolly get a whole body in there..under the cards of course!! We have a deep wooden box with a sliding lid tha twe use as a coffee table - so handy when unexpected guests come - one swipe and all the crap is hidden!! So fab to see you again..hope the shop is doing well.

  15. Happy woyww, I am in love with that trunk, very cool. x

  16. Looks like you have lots of cards made...that trunk is a fabulous idea to organize them in...If you started really mass producing them, you could do sort of lift out trays that stack on each other...teehee

  17. Such fun pics and your card storage is magnificent! Thanks for linking up!

  18. Hi Nikki

    Thanks so much for becoming my 100th follower. I am also happy to see you joined in my blog candy give away. There is one more step - Fill out the Simply-Linked form on the Top Upper Right Side of my Blog. Add your name where it says "Link Title" and then add your email and blog URL. This is how I will gather the information needed to choose the winners through the Random Generator.

    Hugs and smiles



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