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Tuesday, June 16, 2015


Well it looks like my ATC's arrived from the crop ... Canada post why are you so slow is all !!
To the point your wondering humm did it get lost in the post !!!
It was well worth the wait these are all stunning and it's perfect as this week as my space is all about Art work and these are all masterpieces from the girls across the pond :) thank you all
So from top left to Right 
1st Row
Mary Anne (with her pop up box), Margaret (silvercrafter),Cindy,Zoe,Annie(Wipso) Plus Card,Fiona
2nd Row
Jo (twiglet),Debbie (Tattered Rocks) + huge tag too.,Shaz,Hettie,Helen,
3rd Row
Bluebeard and Elizabeth,Chris(Pearshaped),Eliza,Julia,Rosa

So now for the pull back and I've been painting and pulled out my paints instead of paper crafting 
The DH thinks this is has a feminine feeling to it and he wants something darker for the next one 
and small board on the desk in front with the yellow and whites is a sample board for another Painting that will be much darker and richer colours
Honestly this wasn't what it was going to be on these boards I was think an old looking sign and
somewhere between the paintbrush and the boards this happened
I'm not sure what I'm going to do with it now maybe some details around the edges I just don't know

thanks for stopping in 
hugs Nikki 


  1. Wow, you finally got your atcs!! Love your painting you've done, such pretty soft colours- much better than something dark! Happy WOYWW Helen, right behind you at #2

  2. I am glad you finally got your ATCs. I know when Voodoo Vixen lived in Canada, the mail was horrible. And it was about the time they were raising the price of postage, too. I liked that some of yours were different from mine, even though they were from the same people.

    Lovely painting. I actually like the pale beauty you created. Thanks for stopping by before Julia woke. I had to shut my computer down because it wasn't loading anything. That's why I was so late posting at #5.

  3. You received a very nice collection of ATC's through the WOYWW anniversary exchange. I LOVE your painted panel, which reminds me of a beautiful sunset I was viewed at our local lake. Happy WOYWW! #11

  4. Great collection of ATC's - I dont think mine has arrived to the lady is Australia yet !!
    Loving the look of the board -Lovely colours.
    Soojay 10#

  5. I can't wait to see what you do next with your sign Nikki. Love the pastel colours. Happy woyww Jill #12

  6. Love your painting which has a sort of wistfulness about it. Absolutely gorgeous, do some more.
    Great colllection of atc's there, nice to see the variety.
    Hugs, Neet 13 xx

  7. That's a lovely collection of ATCs fm the Crop, it's amazing and wonderful how different they all are! That took ages for them to get to you though, I know Julia posted them weeks ago......
    Love your painted panel, the boards give it a different dimension, don't they?
    Hugs, LLJ 8. Xxx

  8. Lovely collection of ATCs they were definitely worth waiting for.
    I will open my drawers again another week as I know some people are interested to know what I keep in them.
    Have a great woyww and happy crafting, Angela xXx 26

  9. Ooh so many lovely ATc's how nice to have them sent over the seas to you! I love the yellows in that painting! Lea #30

  10. Beautiful ATC's Nikki! They are all lovely! And I LOVE that blank canvas there you are working with... I would distress it around the edges with some white paint... maybe do a little bit of crackle.... and use some sweet quote or psalm cut in vinyl for a nice touch.

  11. Hi Nikki, happy WOYWW, what a super collection of ATC - it's fun isn't and wonderful to connect with crafters across the globe. Cool painting love the colours, so soft. Cheers and enjoy your week RobynO#16

  12. Your painting looks lovely, don't know about feminine/masculine aspects in something like that, but I'm sure richer colours will look fab too! Glad you got your ATC:s, sent mine down under, and haven't got a message if it arrived yet! Happy woyww!
    Kristiina #19

  13. What wonderful ATC's! Love the painting and the colors! Well done! Glenda #34

  14. Fabulous collection of ATC's
    Sandra de @37

  15. What wonderful ATC's! They are tiny works of art for sure! Your painting is amazing and I love the colors!

  16. Glad you got your ATCs. Aren't they gorgeous! Well worth the wait.
    The board painting looks great. Not at all terribly feminine. It's misty and oceany etc. Lovely.
    Thanks for stopping by already,
    have a great week,

  17. Gorgeous panel - love the colours! Great ATcs too, worth the wait! Happy WOYWW Cindy #36

  18. It is a wonderful collection of ATC cards - I am not sure I am able to make some.... at least to send them away ;) - The panel is marvellous as it is, but I don't know what you are going to use it for? It was great to visit and thank you so much for sharing all :)

    Kind regards
    Mariane #49


  19. Fabulous ATCs and I love the colours on the painting.
    I think it's fine for male or female. #56

  20. Your board is very pretty! I liked looking at all the ATCs!

  21. Woo! I love seeing all those ATCs lined up together like that. You really get a good sense for the variety of folks we have in WOYWW. That board is looking really cool. How fun to just play and see what develops with it. Judy #55

  22. Your painted board is beautiful!

    Thanks for the blog visit earlier. The solder I got is called paste solder and comes in syringes so you can just put a little dab at your join and solder away. Kate Richbourg show how to use it in her free Craftsy class, Micro Torch Basics. http://www.craftsy.com/class/micro-torch-basics/130?_ct=cx-udhebbut-sbqii&_ctp=watch,130

    Happy Woyww,

    Sandy #23

  23. Congrats on being number 1!
    Oh, I am jealous of the ATCs you received! I wasn't able to join this year because I was traveling the whole day that day. Lovely collection of ATCS!
    Thank you for visiting me.
    Happy WOYWW!
    Hugs, peggy aplSEEDS

  24. Thanks for calling round at mine yesterday
    So glad your ATCs arrived safely. Such a lot of love from over the seas.....aren't we blessed? Love the painting
    Annie x # 9

  25. Hi, Nikki. Yup. I know all about Canada Post. Very frustrating! Whenever I order something online from Southern Ontario, it takes 8 days or more to get to Eastern Ontario.
    I do love the paint colours that you used. If something is blue, it's automatically awesome! ;) Nann4 #62

  26. What a wonderful collection of ATC's! I'm pleased for you that they finally arrived. I think your painting looks lovely. Debra x

  27. Lovely collection of ATC's
    Thanks for visiting my desk already


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