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Tuesday, June 23, 2015


Here's my messy little space right now and I was sorting my ribbon box and I noticed this little paper on how to make ribbon roses or fancy bows but you can find them everywhere on the net this one came from a christmas ribbon I bought ages ago Funny What we hold on to at times 
Close up of my little space hiding to DT cards I'm working on for upcoming challenges 
So here' my little space this week
After posting this I tidied up lol 
thanks for popping in hugs Nikki


  1. I bought one of those ribbon gadget things once that's supposed to make it so easy.. not sure I know where it is, I know I never used it...! Happy WOYWW Helen 3

    1. It's nothing but a paper guide doesn't go with any tools but your hands

  2. That looks interesting. I always intend to do things like that but never get around to it - bet it would be a good thing to take away with you then you could sit and fiddle with it.
    Hugs, Neet xx 9

  3. aah ribbon making, the bane of our existence lol. I have several ribbon makers and the best one are my fingers LOL
    Bridget #1

  4. Yes..ribbon work ugh! There is a bow tying gadget I've seen on the Net.Looks good. What tidying do you need to do?!!!hehe
    Judy #15

  5. Sometimes the things we hold on to can turn out to be real treasure!!!! I really struggle with bows. Might have to try a bow maker!!!!
    Hugs Lisax #23

  6. Happy WOYWW! Great pictures - thanks for sharing! Lyns #28

  7. I purchased a bow maker and it has really helped me. My bows always looked terrible and now they are presentable! Have a great rest of the week! Glenda #29

  8. I use the little prongs on the ultimate pro for my bows. Not sure if it's a help or a hinderance though lol :) #27

  9. Loving all those colorful markers. Have a crafty week. Peg R 26

  10. I'm still trying to work out what the little pink pen/utensil is on your desk. My bows always tilt to the left ... but I never have the patience to learn how to tie them correctly. have a lovely week.
    sandra de @24

  11. Lol - you need to see my room to know what messy is!! Got to get it sorted soon - LLJ is coming!!! x Jo

  12. This is not messy compared to mine. And the more space I have the messier it gets! I have Bow Easy and I use it, but have to read the instructions every time!! Happy WOYWW! #41

  13. Gosh, your desk looks pretty tidy from here!

    Happy Woyww,

    Sandy #37

  14. You certainly look very organised to me. I envy you all those lovely Copics?
    Enjoy the rest of your day. Happy Crafting. Barb #33

  15. Love looking at all those gorgeous pens, so well organised. I do think the stuff on your desk is expanding. Bows can be difficukt so if it helps, use it.
    Have a good woyww and happy crafting, Angela xXx30

  16. Love your crafty space. The lamp grabbed my attention --- awesome!


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