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Monday, June 4, 2018

Review for WaterColour Pencils on Koh-I-Noor Hardtmuth Mondeluz

I now have the 36 Watercolour Pencil Set from Koh-I-Noor Hartmuth Mondeluz. Love them
They are designed with those that like things in order and are easy to figure out which colour is which. Seeing the outside matches the colour your using , no looking at the tip to figure it out just grab pencil and get to colouring. They are also only sold in a tin which is great for those that like to have them all laid out in front of you. They are also Numbered 1-36, On the back the actual colour name. No guessing or making up your own. They are sold in sets up to 72 have a

So below is just a quick view of the colours in the set I own. The left side is just pencil untouched and a paintbrush over the right you can see how lovely these colours are and they are nice and translucent they can get when you drag your brush away.
I've just drawn up a little rose and used a few colours on 140 lb paper,  I coloured them all on dry paper just like I would if I was using pencil crayon, but I've done them very soft in some areas to get highlights showing up.

1st Picture is just a quick  sketch drawn out with the watercolour pencils just roughly shading
2nd Picture it me going over it quickly blending the watercolours together and then leaving it to dry
3rd Picture I am gone over it more with the pencils then blended it down I stopped here but you could go a lot further with it making it have very deep shades
So far I'm loving using these they are so great for colouring by the tv just grab and paint little works of art.

When it comes to blending these pencils with enough water they blend super easy and you can fade really quick by just pulling the colours across, and using a little extra water.
When adding water the Pigment becomes really vibrant my pictures just do not do them justice

On the Negative side of owning these I haven't found a close art store that sells any open stock so I would have to buy a set which will get a little crazy for those colours I don't use a lot. Plus the pricing varies a lot and my set choices I'm stuck to Ebay or Amazon to find larger sets.

This review is my own
I just thought I'd share what I use with you all 
hugs Nikki

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