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Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Woyww and Giveaway tomorrow

Here's my space right now a few ATC's I've been working on and my newest drawing or doodling of a silverback gorilla which I love Come back tomorrow and I should have a link up to where you can have a chance to win it with a like/love on facebook I'm going to need lots of help with this one seeing I'm so late at entering it. If I can make top 3 I'll be giving it away 

That's it and all my talk about C cards lol is me trying to talk myself into making them UTTER FAILURE at that. Been too busy drawing and painting and gardening ah the summer how it kicks us outside so easily 
thanks for looking hugs Nikki


  1. I'm not on Facebook, but I think your lovely painting/ATC is wonderful. And I always love your desk which looks happy, but not cluttered. Happy WOYWW from NO NUMBER YET (grin).

  2. oh my gosh you drew that? ( WOW ) :) that is awesome. ~Stacy #34

  3. The gorilla is just brilliant - you're so clever!
    Hugs LLJ 11 xxx

  4. Good morning, Nikki. I love your gorilla. I just want to talk to him. LOL Bob would tell you, the gorilla would probably talk back. He calls me a cross between Dr. Doolittle and Elli May. :-P Your small space with all it's goodies always amazes me. Creative Blessings! Kelly 336

  5. Clean looking desk. I love your beautiful drawing. Wow! Happy WOYWW! #31

  6. wow to your fab gorilla!! he's magnificent. Helen #3

  7. Wonderful gorilla. And lots of other interest, including those ATCs. Thanks for sharing today - Hazel, WOYWW 472 #17 xx

  8. Hi Nikki. That drawing of the gorilla is incredible - well done. Sorry - I don't do facebook so can't like him:-(
    Take care. God bless.
    Margaret #2

  9. Oh Nikki, your Gorilla is awesome. Have a great woyww and happy crafty week, Angela x22x

  10. Wow Nikki, that gorilla is totally amazing. What talent! Have a great week. Sarah #19

  11. Oh my Nikki what an amazing drawing... so much more than a doodle. Welcome to Summer, it's a great way of exploring nature up close and taking the creative area outdoors.
    Happy Crafting and Thank you for sharing WOYWW.
    Hugs Tracey #4

  12. Wow, that gorilla is stunning, what an incredible drawing. Thank you so much for sharing. Caro x #24

  13. Yah, the summer. Let it scoop you up, the short days and inside living will come back soon enough! Your drawing skills never fail to draw my breath Nikki. You do these amazing things and then give them away...you’re a v nice person, did you realise that?!!

    1. They never did upload the image so I couldn't even hold the giveaway which really bites

  14. It's very nice coloring and image.

  15. I ABSOLUTELY LOVE your Gorilla with the Butterfly image! Just such a sweet and precious thing!


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