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Wednesday, January 18, 2023

Arrtx Coloured Pencils Review

So I bought these Coloured pencils after seeing a friend using them, these are an oil based, Soft Core pencils. These come In there own case where each pencil is standing up Tip down in super dense foam to protect them. They are from Amazon and they came in all perfect no tip for me was damaged at all.The only Flaw is that the pencils are in twos so if you pull out too many they start to fall over but really that is so minor truthfully

This set has a lot of Yellows in it but I enjoy the varieties of Yellow tones as I use them a lot, The Colour barrels don't exactly match but they are close enough to know what your grabbing once you get use to using them. The stand is good to use and makes it easy to find the colours your looking for.
The case makes them not shake around at all. When all inside the foam in the bottom holds two rows together so if you pull a couple out they do move around freely, which is a little pain , But so does a pencil case or storing in tins which is what I do. This set up works really easy for me to play with and it is a thin case which is perfect for me.

The pencil is labeled with the name punched into it but it's in a shiny gold that you have to turn to catch the light  and the pencils Leads are centered really well in a hard wood the couple I have sharpened have not broken and they can get a nice sharp tip. These are a solid pencil, With a thick lead that sharpens easy and holds a nice tip.

This is a super saturated set great for White papers and these blend like a dream 
These have an amazing amount of layering ability too you can do a LOT of layers so Bonus
This is also a translucent set if your using black papers you will notice the colours can feel muted.

Here is a flower I created using them with many layers on it and these would allow me to layer like crazy which is something other pencils don't allow so Big bonus for those that like to be heavy handed. 
They sharpen well holding a tip fantastic 

The package is pretty and I do find myself grabbing these pencils more then the others

Pros - Thick centered Lead 3.8 mm
Layer and blend extremely well
Holds a point really well
Almost no bloom on the page - that waxy look this looks matte

Con- Barrel colours don't match exactly they give you a rough idea
Lots of Yellows and lacking a few other colours. Brighter Reds I would enjoy as the Poppy red has huge undertones of Orange.
The colour are stamped a little small (but the company is fixing that and making it larger)
Package has double holes so if you pull out a lot of colours they will start to fall over
These are not all Light fast so hanging it in a sunny spot they will fade and they will Fade quickly.

Bit of Both
Slightly water soluble so if your sealing your art work do a test first and make sure it's well blended 
but this is also great for blending together without having to buy an odorless solvent but you could use a blender pen in a pinch too 

Light Fast TEST Now this Only applies to Selling Art Work Mainly
These colours if left in a dark place like most at this price range student hobby artist grade will last but left in the sun in a south facing window a lot of them did fade. Now I have tested some professional ones too and the Pinks and Yellow Based colours Fade in a lot of brands so those colours when in use be mindful or spray a UVA/UVB protection over top to allow longer lasting. 
Like most art work SOUTH facing Walls try to avoid Direct sunlight as it will fade most things.

Below is a picture of how mine turned out
 From May 1st till Sept 7th
So as you can see a lot did fade but I compared it to the flower that I did the same day and that looks fantastic still as I have it in a book.

Since I have done this light test Arrtx has altered a lot of their pencils 
made them more pigmented and removed or altered some of the ones I have reviewed so this now is
conspired outdated compared to the new ones they have on the market now 

I would Recommend these in a heartbeat 
Why they Layer amazing and Blend so well along with being really great to blend with just a touch of water no need for Solvents.
Can be blended down with a Blender Pen super easy too 

Also they are coming out with a larger set too so Excited about the new colours will get to play with hoping for more REDS 

they have listened to most of the reviews and altered the pigments in the newer version and come out with a 126 set which is well worth the investment these are my goto pencils still

thanks for looking 
Hugs Nikki 

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