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Tuesday, April 1, 2014


Happy WOYWW everyone it's a wonderful day it's been a really fantastic day the weather looks like spring and it's finally starting to warm up a bit. I would love to put my winter jacket away and get some shorts on and get out into my pathetic garden and get it looking good we moved in late in the fall no point in getting out and trying to figure out what's planted but this year I want to dig it all up replant some of the bushes that are put in weird places and cut some of the neglected trees in the back yard that are just a breeding ground for mosquito's. Last fall I did was cut back all the over grown stuff and we removed a dead tree that was 20 feet tall so ugly looking it was.
Any ways enough about all of that on to my desk, I haven't much going on at the moment it's not how I would like it but for now it works in the morning it's my make up table so the middle is always clean.
ON my desk is a little clutch purse I've created using May Arts Burlap Ribbon and some vintage looking ribbon I've had in my stash I bought from fabric land LOOONG time ago. It's been lined with a white Cotton and it's flap stays down from the wire in the burlap ribbon.
On another note OMG has Canada post raised our rates up alot ... Please bend over to be kicked in the butt WoW everything is up by oh about 40 percent ... yep and the government says inflation is only gone up a little LIARS I Say Liars !!!!
K I'm done oh and if you want to win some free digital stamps pop over to Limited Runs and try your luck :) 
hugs Nikki
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  1. What a cute clutch. The ribbon sets it off nicely. It does seem like the rich are getting richer and the poor are getting poorer sometimes.
    April #41

  2. It's nice to get into the garden when the weather is nice. We are in autumn now but still having nice hot days. Postage charges have gone up world wide, they all need a kick in the butt. Nice clutch purse, thanks for sharing and have a wonderful week.

    Happy WOYWW

    Hugs Eliza & Yoda 36
    36 my favourite number

  3. Hi Nikki, great desk - I also like to have clear space to work at...rest of the room is ..mmmm bit messy. Cool little purse and go have a great time in your garden; I'm missing mine (we're renting at the moment). Cheers and have a great week RobynO#40

  4. Mailing is expensive everywhere, I think!! Great desk photo :)
    Happy WOYWW!
    no. 50
    PS Sorry to be ultra-picky, but the button should say 'at its best' - it's is a contraction of it is, not a possessive like Nikki's blog (I used to be a proofreader/copyeditor - old habits die hard...) Hope you don't mind x

  5. Omg if only I could say that's a one time thing I do it all the time I'll make an updated one later :) it's only a mistake lol

  6. Thanks for calling by already and for your kind comments.
    The postal service will be far too expensive everywhere at the rate they are going.
    Annie x # 1

  7. Have just got settled in my craft room and the better weather is definitely calling me out to my garden as well - hey ho, just not enough time is there? Post is getting terribly expensive, it has pretty much killed off ATC trading. Happy WOYWW Cindy #72

  8. Talking of the post...I got home to your happy mail today! I have just done an edit to today's WOYWW post showing my RAK from you. I am most grateful and will have a play with it today as I have the afternoon off. We however are having our autumn rains and so I had to get my coat out...

  9. Very nice place for creative projects!

  10. Nice clutch. Perfect for an evening out. Postage has gone up again here in the states, too but not THAT much. Yikes. I swear they are pricing themselves right out of business. I'm off to visit Limited. Creative Blessings! Kelly #97

  11. Cute little purse, I love anything burlap at the minute.
    Happy Wednesday
    Minxy {was #6 now #23}

  12. great work Nikki on the planned gardening, will be great when done to your liking and sorry about post.. same here.. not sure of percent but seems to be going up and up!!! Happy WOYWW Shaz in Oz.x #47


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