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Tuesday, March 18, 2014


Happy WOYWW and may you had a fantastic St Patty's Day Yesterday and you had fun !
So here's my space today lets see what I have going on today ATC's Seeing the last one's I made where the wrong size opps 3.75 by 2.5 Oh well Guess I have some gift tags now lol.
So Before I went to work I jammed everything that was about on the floor and popped it on my desk so it was out of my honey's way while he put some plaster up in the room . You can see all my 12 by 12 sheets and my sewing machine which I have been using lately.
 Paper put back on the floor along with my sewing machine and here's what was hiding all underneath it. Some ATCs I've Been working on now the right size. I have a total of 3 done just have to write up the details on the back for each and try and finish a couple more. For the WOYWW swap.

My lucky RAK Winners are Larisa and  Belinda Basson
 Congrats to both of you Please send me an email with your home addresses and seeing both of you didn't tell me which you'd like 1st one gets choice of flowers or flourishes email in sidebar

So pop by Julia's and check out everyone else's desks may they be messy or clean it's so much fun to check out everyone's spaces and see where they craft and create
I'll popping around to check out as many spaces as I can over the week :)
Hugs Nikki


  1. Congrats to the lucky winners. And aren't you little miss get ahead of the game! Maybe I can start making some of mine now that my tutorial is out of the way. I'd love to see some of your sewing projects, too.

    Thanks for the visit already. Looks like I'm number 2 this week.

  2. I love ATC's. why everyone needs so much room for on an A2 card is beyond me!
    thanks for visiting and the snoop around your busy desk!
    robyn 7(maybe)

  3. I somee how missed that it is ATC time.
    Monica #9

  4. Congrats to the lucky winners.
    Happy WOYWW

    Peggy xx #12

  5. Congrats to the winners! And is that really all of your 12 x 12 paper?? I think I'm a closet saver... Happy WOYWW!
    Carol N #13

  6. Great job Nikki!
    wow! I am a winner! It is fantastic!!
    I e-mailed to you already :)

  7. I figure any time your creativity is unleashed it's a good thing..I bet you can find something to do with your cards!!! Happy 250th! Sara j#24

  8. Thats me! WHo hoo, Doing a happy dance! Thanks for the win! I will email you now. #29

  9. Not even thought about the atc's yet, so good on you - perhaps I should try and get ahead too... well done to your RAK winners. Have a good day. Helen 9

  10. what fun your are having Nikki great space to create in and well done to winners, Shaz in Oz.x #32

  11. well done to the winners looks like you've been having fun

    Happy WOYWW! luv Mrs C.x #42

  12. WOW busy desk! I am looking forward to seeing everyones atc this year. Congrats to the winners! Thanks for sharing. Vickie #45

  13. Oh you're so organised...just pick the stuff up off the floor...would take me about half an hour! Good for you too, ATC making already, am having a tiny shoot of a design in my head, but not actually making them yet!

  14. Well done to the winners. Hope they enjoy their new gifts. Fun looking floor this morning, Nikki - can't work there these days myself, age is creeping up!! Used to, though. It's good 'cos there is so much more room to spread than on a table. Of course, it means the whole room is taken up... but never mind - being creative is extremely important!! :-)
    Have a great week.
    Margaret #35

  15. I like your clear a space system, I think we all have a system like yours. Off the floor onto the desk, need the desk then back onto the floor. Works every time.
    Nelle 53 xx

  16. Well done to the winners!
    I spy a pad of K&Co paper on your desk...... Would love to come and have a nose around your desks lots to see
    Jackie 27

  17. I don't know about you, but I don't think there is enough table space in the world for my craft room! I just use it up. lol April #18

  18. Happy WOYWW Nikki! Thanks for the earlier visit.

    I've been playing around with just ideas for the ATC swap too. I have to start "thinking" about it now....LOL
    Have a great week
    Krisha #20

  19. I've been using my sewing machine a lot too lately. But, I have to put mine up in the kitchen. :)
    Here from WOYWDW #68.

  20. Oh my! Thank you for reminding me to get started on the ATC's for WOYWW! Looks like you have a good start on yours! Awesome!

  21. Thanks for your helpful suggestion re my gilding flakes problem you are ahead of the game with your atcs never thought to do that ..mmmm I might just consider that myself..have fab week and happy woyww Andrea#8

  22. How nice of you to do a RAK and congrats to the winners. Goodies from crafty friends are always the best. :-)

    Thank you for stopping by my blog and for the nice comments about my kaleidoscope cane.

    Happy Woyww,

    Sandy #1

  23. ooooh I'm glad you reminded me about the ATC swap, I really want to try and join in this year. Thanks for visiting earlier, happy WOYWW :o) Annie C #78

  24. Hi Nikki- lots going on in your room if there's plaster going up. ATCs on your desk, so you've made a start on the WOYWW swap. Have a great week Cheers RobynO#38

  25. I sympathise with the plastering- so much mess! It creates so much dust afterwards. Time to get myself in gear with the ATC's too, I think. Have a great week, Hugs, Shaz #38 xxx

  26. I hope you hadn't made too many of the wrong sized ATCs before you found out. I am trying to start early on my ATCs as well. Happy WOYWW!
    peggy aplSEEDS@5

  27. I stopped making ATCs years ago and I was obsessed with them at one stage. I didn't participate for the last few swaps but might this time, still thinking about it.

    Great desk this week, creativity in progress. Thanks for visiting, sorry I am getting back to you late been on the road with work.

    Hugs Eliza & Yoda 14

  28. Congratulations to the winner.
    Lovely big photographs on your blog of your busy area. Now what did you use that sewing machine for?
    Hugs, & Thanks for visiting me - sorry I am late - upset tummy was the reason. Hugs, Neet xx


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